Hair on headphone drivers. Is this a common problem?


Aug 12, 2004
I have Sennheiser HD 570 headphones and i've had them for almost 3 years now.

About 6 months ago my left driver was making a buzzing sound. I thought a loud sound came on and damaged it or something so I was pretty dissapointed.

I started examining my headphones and I noticed there were quite a number of hairs sticking into the foam that covers the driver. I pulled them all out and it helped slightly but the buzzing sound was still there. The buzzing only occurred at certain frequencies also which was somewhat interesting.

Anyhow a couple days ago I was really fed up with it because it was getting slightly worse so I followed the instructions (relcutantly) to just pull on the ear pads to remove them and sure enough with (more pressure than I would like to have used) they poped off. I lifted the foam up and sure enough there was some hair stuck on the driver.

The I blew carefully (on an angle, not directly at the driver so as to prevent as much damage as I could) and I managed to get the hair out (or so I thought). I put it back together and the buzzing was not as bad but was still there so I figured it was something else (maybe a wire behind the driver?). Today my right driver started buzzing so I ripped it appart and performed the same procedure and I ended up fixing it completely. As a result I ripped appart the left driver again and cleaned it out again (I blew a bit harder) and it's fixed as well now.

I've read some posts in Audiophile forums about how moisture (resude left over) can alter the sound of the drivers and that if you touch the driver you will pretty much destroy it. I'm glad I took the chance though because man they sound like new again. I'm so glad I was able to get these $200 (Canadian) headphones fixed up again.

I know this turned into a long post but I was just wondering if this is a common problem. Man if I had a pair of HD 650s I'd be even more relcutant to do what I just did!


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Apr 25, 2003
At least it worked out for you.

I've touched a lot of driver elements cleaning them. I don't really know if the argument is valid that if you touch them you destroy them...especially when they end up working better after you clean them.
I also have not noticed any shortened lifespan as a result of touching, it seems every pair of headphones I have ever had worked for me to the time I moved on the new ones.


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Jan 13, 2004
lol, I got a pair of 580s from a guy, and the driver covers looked like afros. Literally covered with hair and dandruff (or dust, not quite sure).. Nasty. Took a few hours to get everything cleaned out. Plus, they smelled like pure smoke and I had to soak the parts in a mix of febreeze and pine cleaner for a few hours... But thats OT..

So yeah, hairs in drivers is a common problem, and they can be hard to remove.


Jul 28, 2005
Baking soda is great for getting odors out of things and does not leave a smell of its own.