Ha my mom went ape over some games

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No not really. He has a parent that is involved enough to care. Which is not the norm anymore. I see that with my cousin who is 17, he is allowed to basically do what he wants and, gets what he wants. He is under motivated and, to me will be a useless member of society. While I hated my parents and, their discipline, as, I have aged, I see the merit in what they did. Many of my friends who were allowed to run wild, are either dead or, working dead end jobs and, never achieving anything.
While it is a pain in the ass now. Later you will see it was good overall, in the great scheme of life.

I concur.
I like how everyone who is against the mom says "when I was that age I was playing x game and watching y movies and I have't killed anyone!"
you're an idiot for buying you're 11 year old brother those games
if i had an 11 year old brother, i'd be making him play the zelda series (alllll of them muahaha)

but honestly, my mom is funny when it comes to content from games to movies
when it comes to games, she doesnt care at all

but movies are another thing
she never would let me watch R movies when i was 15-17 (at 17 she had no choice, but she just had problems with it for some reason)

i'm 18 now haha
glad to be in college as well


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this is a stupid thread"...I agree and on top of that it turned into a Soapbox discussion....not worthy of the Games Forum....MD
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