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And even aside from all of that: Its not like a scalper starts with zero dollars. Many of these people had enough expendable cash, to buy a couple of highly desired items. And the risk for them is really low. So that cash is easier to spend, than it usually would be.
haha, someone working on the assembly line doing the same thing over and over misses one card so tweaktown: "this is out of hand"

The only thing out of hand are the ads on their webpage :D
What do you guys think about AMD stock? Thinking about purchasing some right now.
Quoting my own post, but that one is now out of stock on Newegg but is in stock on Zotac store for $100 less - https://www.zotacstore.com/us/zotac-gaming-geforce-rtx-3080-ti-amp-holo Seems like a solid deal for an in stock 3080ti?
If it's hanging around in stock on Zotac, there's a reason, and you don't want it. Particularly the Amp Holo's. They're good cards but currently overpriced (relative to other AIBs) at every tier. And Zotac support isn't great.

ZOTAC got a little carried away in the april/may peak pricing, just before crypto had a retrace, and they overshot all their pricepoints - especially 3080 Ti. And they haven't walked the prices back.

That said, Zotac is the sleeper Ampere brand, IMO, as they have maybe the worst brand perception and resale value, yet from a technical standpoint the cards are good to excellent. The ones I've dealt with all overclocked well, didn't need thermal pad swaps for high VRAM OC, I've never even needed to open one up to to repaste or otherwise mod it. While people are paying extra for Strix, TUF, FTW3, Suprim etc I'm happily buying cheap(er) Zotac Trinity's.
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So are overseas tariffs still applied to graphics cards? $480 doesn't sound too bad being 20% over MSRP.