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Jan 29, 2006
Welcome to the [H]orde!
The [H]orde is a family of brothers and sisters here on [H]ard committed to helping find cures for diseases and/or solving complex math problems by donating our idle computer resources to Distributed Computing applications. The vast majority of us fold for the Folding@home or World Community Grid projects. However, there are many other Distributing Computing efforts the [H]orde participates in as well. We only ask that you pick a project close to your heart and share as many computing resources as you are willing to donate to that particular cause.
This thread was created with intention of being your first step into the world of Distributed Computing, we hope you enjoy!
F@H With Windows V7 GUI
Step by step instructions can be found on their site here - https://foldingathome.org/support/f...ws/custom-installation-advanced-users/?lng=en

F@H With Linux
Step by step instructions can be found on their site here - https://foldingathome.org/support/faq/installation-guides/linux/manual-installation-advanced/?lng=en
Tear’s [H] Ubuntu Folding Appliance
Musky’s [H] Ubuntu Desktop Installation Guide


[H]orde BOINC projects
F@H is not the only Distributed Computing field [H] contributes.

All Inclusive DC Project List - https://hardforum.com/threads/all-inclusive-dc-project-list-v-2.1895029/

Installing BOINC on Windows + Ubuntu - https://hardforum.com/threads/boinc-installation-walk-through.1768558/

Installing BOINC on CentOS - https://hardforum.com/threads/centos-7-boinc-install-guides.1854569/

Setting up BOINC Account Manager (BAM!) - https://hardforum.com/threads/how-to-setup-up-boincstats-bam.1930993/

Our [H] DC Guides Subsection also has an extensive list of assorted guides on everything from proper configuration of the BOINC client to Useful Tools and How To’s. Make sure to take a look and read as much as you can.

Popular Guides
While these guides will surely get you up and running as quickly as possible. We also have a WEALTH of information in our [H] DC Guides Subsection .

[H]orde DC Configuration and Monitoring Guides:
Overclocking the G34 Platform - Have a 4p Opteron chip? Want to overclock it? Check here
HFM.NET Guide The recommended F@H Monitoring Software
BOINC Setup Guide Looking for help on setting up BOINC?
GIMPS Setup Guide Looking for help on setting up GIMPS?
OGR-28 Linux Looking for help on setting up OGR-28?
RC5-72 Windows RC5-72 Linux Looking for help on setting up RC5-72?
Setting up BOINCTasks account manager - https://hardforum.com/threads/efmer-boinctasks.1848989/

These are just a few of the many non-F@H related guides we have at our disposal. Make sure to stop by the Guides section and read up!


[H]orde IRC Chat
Taking your first steps into the world of Distributed Computing can be confusing, we have all been there once. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions in the forums or even better, join our IRC channel.
IRC is essentially a giant chat room where we can chat about F@H, WCG or even what you had for lunch today. The greatest strength of IRC is that we can assist you with any problems in REAL time. So please don’t hesitate to hop in and say hi! Don’t let the room name fool you, we welcome all DC’ers!

Server: irc.freenode.net
Port: 6667
Channel: #hardfolding

[H]orde Slack Channel

Welcome To The Family!
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[H]orde Basics:

Q: What projects do you participate in?
A: Currently we have one officially supported project: Folding@home, which is a project from Stanford University to research Protein folding. The goal is to understand protein folding and mis-folding effects on diseases like Alzheimer's, Huntington's and other diseases. The official [H] team ID is 33 that you can enter during the client configuration.​
We also welcome other projects and the biggest one we also participate is World Community Grid where many of our members is participating. WCG is a distributed computing grid created to offer the possibility for the various public or profit-free organizations to tap into the grid power to conduct research related to health. There are some teams related to [H] but the biggest we use is team ID 1411.​
Q: Why do you do this?
A: We all have our own separate reasons. Read about Why We DC for lots of inspirational stories.​
Q: Ok, so how can I get involved?
A: The first thing you should do is find out what project best suits you. You can find all the guides in the [H]orde Guides to install one of the available clients. If you need help about any aspect of DC, make a new thread and our knowledgeable teammates will answer your questions.​
Q: What if I have arguments against running a DC project ?
A: There is always something against running a DC project like power usage, bandwidth, etc... there is a great thread to debunk those myths: Answers for reasons to not run F@H (it can also be applied to others projects).​

Q: I keep seeing words like borg and boxen, what does that mean?
Killer[MOB]'s DC dictionary:

"borg": The act of adding F@H/WCG on a computer that you do not own, that folds under your name. (and you Asked if it was OK before you did so..)​
"Pernts" is another word for points (thanks jws2346 for starting that ).​
"Boxen" means computer(s)​
"Farm" is when you have a lot of boxen.​
"Garden" is when you have more than a few boxen.​
"Headless" is running a boxen without a monitor.​
"Bounce" is when you have to reboot your boxen.​
"D" is also boxen or to add more boxen.​
"FBNF" is a Fly By Night Folder, here today, gone tomorrow.​
"Naked" is running a system without a case.​
"NSZ" is the No Scroll Zone. You'll know it if you ever get there.​
"PPW" is short for Points Per Week.​
"PPD" is short for Points Per Day.​
"WU" is a work unit. WUs are worth points.​
"SWMBO" is She Who Must Be Obeyed.​
"Mojo": Alcoholic beverage with magical OC enhancing capability. See Relic for more information.​
"PizzaBoxen": Preferred mode of clothing naked boxen utilizing Pizza Boxes in the Relic [H]ousehold. (old method, replaced by PherretBoxen)​
"PherretBoxen": Revised Preferred mode of clothing naked boxen utilizing any spare electronic appliance/AVGear ( i.e. VCR) in the Relic [H]ousehold, usually created by the [H]ardBard's Spawn.​
Some of these are oldies but still a great part of the [H]orde's past. Ask a long time [H]orde member for more "Details" ;)
Q: I keep seeing words like bunkering, what does that mean?
A: There is a thread here about bunkering here.​
Q: I want to install the client on my work/family members/friends machines, is that ok?
A: There is a good thread about permissions and consequences. It's essential to have permissions (preferably in writing) if you want to avoid the same unwanted fate as woods (page 6 and up) or Party2go9820. It is imperative that you understand the legalities behind setting up F@H on a system that is not your own. Make SURE you have the owner’s permission before doing so!​
Q: I keep seeing these little badges in peoples post with their points, how do I get mine?
A: You can read a very simple Horde Badge Guide by fellow folder m33pm33p in our [H] DC Guides Subforum. Once you have your badge setup, You can test the badge in this thread test your badge thread. *It is against the rules to START a post in the DC FS/FT section without first creating a badge and posting said badge in the original post. Don’t get your post locked or deleted for forgetting!*​
Q: Is there a reward to fold for the [H]orde?
A: Yes, we have a rewards program which offer a free subscription to General Mayhem. The details about the program can be found in the [H]orde Rewards Program.​
Hit 48 million F@H points and get a 1 year subscription to General Mayhem. Hit 96 million F@H points and extend the subscription to 2 years. This is not transferable to any other teammate.​
Hit 145 million F@H points and get a lifetime subscription to General Mayhem! That's right, All the GM you can handle for the rest of your life!​
Q: I see a few members with a special [H]ard|DCer of the Month title, what is this?
A: Pocatello handles our monthly DC’er of the Month (DCOTM) contest that culminates with a DC’er of the Year (DCOTY) contestWe have a [H]ard|DCer of the Month FAQ to answer questions. This is a monthly contest were your peers have a chance to nominate and vote on who they think has been one of the top folders for the current month. This is not only based on production numbers but also a person’s attitude, willingness to help others and general [H]ardness! Lookout for the Poll at the beginning of each month!​

Advanced Tips & Tricks
Q: How can I check the details of each work unit I'm folding?
A: You can see the full listing of the current projects on the projects summary page with the associated information like the points value, deadlines and more.​
Q: How can I monitor my points progress on my machine/network? How can I calculate the points per day/hour?
A: HFM.net is the de facto program for monitoring several aspects of your Folding machines including points per day/hour and work unit progress. A great guide by WFeather can be found HERE
Q: Is there anywhere that I can find information on ALL of the DC projects currently going on?
A: Free-DC.org is a great site that currently tracks and has forums for discussions of most of the ongoing DC projects. Check it out!​

[H]orde Deals, Donations, and Trades:
Q: I've got some parts to donate to the cause, how can I do it?
A: Just make a new thread about your wish to donate something to the cause. If you are not sure about the criteria or how to do it, you can always ask any of the long time DC’er’s for guidance.**​
Q: I've got parts I'd like to sell for DCing at a good price, how can I do it?
A: Use the DC For Sale/For Trade subforum.**​
Please remember to read the FS/FT rules before posting. Any posts created without the required information will be locked and/or deleted.

[H]orde Activities:
Suggestions and Comments:
If you have any comments or suggestions related to the [H]orde or the DC forum, make a new thread on the forum or PM Pocatello or FLECOM.​
Since we want to have this thread up to date, if there is something you need to add, update or remove, please send a PM to Gilthanis it will get updated ASAP.​

A Special Thanks:
We wanted to thank our teammates like tear, musky, Gilthanis, Pocatello current and past [H]orde members and the [H]ardForum staff for the updates, guides and comments. Without these guys, what we do wouldn't be possible.​

When All Else Fails, Go [H]arder!!
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[H]orde Team Captains

Gilthanis - BOINC, GIMPS, distributed.net, Majestic-12, What Pulse, FAH, DC-Vault.com
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