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Sep 29, 2005
Hi [H] Community, hope everyone & Your Families, have been able to stay healthy & safe throughout these times.

I wanted to know a few details, from anyone that has recently been Streaming on Mixer or Twitch. I've been out of the game and am looking to start streaming again, and surprisingly in the little while I was away, many things have changed. Apparently Nvenc is king and H264 cpu encoding is no longer the king of providing the best quality stream. In the past, I had a 2nd Rig to encode my stream and upload to Mixer (where I was streaming last). So I had a 2 pc Setup, 1 Gaming and 1 Streaming.

Most recently I understand that Streaming with RTX cards using Nvenc there is a huge quality and efficiency upgrade and this is the way to go, especially if you have the hardware already.

I'm looking to buy new hardware and will probably hold out for the RTX 3000 series hoping to take advantage of any improvements with the GPU encode efficiency they may bring. But if I'll need to buy 1 or 2 Cards, or 2 rigs, in yet to be determined. That's what I'm hoping your feedback may help me with.

Currently, is anyone in this community streaming using RTX Nvenc? If so with Which cards, and what kind of performance impact is it having if you're doing it all on the same Rig?

Anyone using a 2 pc setup to stream or Multicard? If so, has that benefited your stream quality, what are the specs and what made you decide to do it this way? Does the Nvidia driver let you set anything up if you install more than one card on the same rig e.g. Card A runs game, Card B for Nvenc?

I'm excited that the Nvidia Encoder has grown to be such a powerful tool in terms of streaming and Game Capture, I'd imagine that the 3000 series will usher in a much better streaming/gaming experience (fingers crossed).

Feel free to post specs and pics of your setups, but the most important things I'm looking for is the performance impact, if you're seen benefits from the recent drivers and updates in terms of stream quality and performance, and also if you use a 2 pc setup.

One last question... If you stream to Mixer, is there any problem streaming with the 0 delay FTL setup and Nvenc on a RTX card? Would hate to invest only to find out that they don't play nice together.

Mods, feel free to move this to another section of the forum if you feel it fits better elsewhere.

Thanks in advance L.E.
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Lord_Exodia did you ever get something going with streaming? Still looking for thoughts/opinions on streaming? I've been thinking about doing a writeup or a video or something, for how to get the most out of NVENC for streaming.
I had a buddy who used a 2070 and NVENC. It was better than his crap CPU (wasn’t that crap,7700k, but for streaming...), he definitely had to lower settings.

He now has a 10900k and 2070 and encodes off the CPU with zero issues.

Give how cheap high core CPUs are... if you’re half serious about streaming I’d just get a decent CPU.