[H]AWT! Intel 2TB NVME - 180$ - Microcenter In Store


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Sep 17, 2012
It probably ultimately is a non issue for my usage habits, but I just swapped my 2TB 660p for the 2TB Inland over endurance fears. I've been using a bootable USB-C -> NVME enclosure so I'm not really noticing much of a speed difference, but I've ordered a Thunderbolt 3 NVME enclosure which should make things quite a bit more noticeable.

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Aug 29, 2011
There's been quite a few good deals on the Intel 660p line, but I just don't like what I read about the drive's performance when it starts getting full or when it starts managing large writes.

I'm currently using an Inland Premium 2TB, and for $224.00 I prefer it. I realize that a difference of $45 is a 20% premium on the total cost of storage, but I feel better about the drive.

P.S. For 8 years or so I have only used Samsung drives. Now I have a 1TB ADATA SX8200, a 2TB Inland Premium, and, of course, my FATTY DOVE. They were cheap, and they all seem to be rocking along just fine.
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Jul 3, 2007
I've been rocking several of these 2TBs on a home VM lab server for over a year. I've been surprisingly pleased. Most are kept <60% storage utilization and none have hit performance cliffs in real world use like some benchmarks show. The important VMs are regularly backed up and the rest are expendable, but no issues to report so far. TB/$ for Intel drives seems tough to beat.