[H]ardOCP & ASUS GeForce GTX 660Ti DirectCU II Giveaway

The 660Ti looks like the perfect blend of power efficiency and performance. I want gaming performance but I don't want a 1000W PSU and crazy electricity bills or extra heat. The DirectCU saves me from needing a 3rd party cooler as well. I am in the process of researching parts I will need for a gaming rig and this card would be perfect!
Would finish my first build, i bought everything except the GPU. Was trying to decide whether to get the 7950 or 660ti. This would be incredible.
Great overclockability and power efficiency with the new nVidia cards.. Pair that with ASUS' awesomeness and you have a winner!
I know that is an incredible card for gaming but the most complicated game i play is Diablo III. I want the card for Folding! Go Team 33!
I would love to add the Asus 660 ti with it's near silent DirectCUII cooler to my arsenal with it's 1344 shader units and around 3.5 billion transistors to help infuse the latest technology available into my virtual reality. Pair that with a class leading warranty tied to the card, not tying up the owner when it comes time to smoothly upgrade to the next generation of asus DirectCU chilled gpu's.
If I had the ASUS GeForce GTX 660Ti DirectCU II it would "force" me to donate my AMD card to my girlfriend and give me the horsepower and efficiency to add multiple monitors!
Heat reduction. I am having a miserable time trying to get stability in games right now.
I'd love this card to use it's adaptive vsync to make everything look great on my 120hz Catleap IPS monitor!
What's one of the first things that any gamer encounters after a long play session? Heat.

With a DirectCU card, you can game for hours on end without needing to ramp up your fan speeds or quit just to give your card some time to "rest".
With the Super alloy chokes DirectCU II I will be able to overclock this beast and bring it's FPS to the max. Direct X 11 graphics and all the saucy features will help me win in TF2.
The ASUS GeForce GTX 660Ti DirectCU II is exactly what I need for my new build. The performance of the 660Ti already nearly approaches if not meets that of the 670, and with the default overclock of the ASUS DirectCU II, we're talking major value at its price point.

As if that weren't enough, with GPU Tweak I can take that performance even further, and given the DirectCU II's level of thermal management and ASUS's well established reputation for quality, this is a no-brainer.

Please. Please give me one (and the motherboard :D )
Better DirectX 11 performance, power efficiency and cooling will making gaming visually better and easier on my electric bill (if only a little bit).
The ASUS GTX 660Ti DirectCU II video card would be an amazing upgrade for my system. I'm currently running an aging ATI card and it struggles to meet the performance demands of current games. This card appears to have superior cooling, excellent overall design, and great performance. I also appreciate the attention to detail ASUS has put into engineering this card, such as with the Super Alloy Power components, to give the card a nice power boost, as well as the Digi+VRM for increased efficiency.
The Asus name on it garantees top-notch performance and value for the money. Efficient performance means money can be spent on graphics instead of power, fans, cooling - I can get right to gaming, no additional parts required!
This old X2 is just falling behind quick, plus I have yet to complain about DX11 in Ubi games! It's styling, cool, quiet, FAST and ready for my old Supermicro sc750-a full tower that will let her buck in the heavenly winds of the massive holes that used to be plexi windows that I need to get around to replacing after a moving accident. :D
This particular card has outstanding performance but I am mostly interested in it because a friend of mine is building a new rig and could really use an awesome GPU.
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The full size display port connector and the improved power supply components to increase product life are what has me excited about this new card.
What's the results of the most efficient GPU + the most efficient cooler?
The ASUS GeForce GTX 660Ti DirectCU II!!

With the right lows (heat and power consumption) and the right highs (performance and value), this is the perfect combination that i look for in a a graphics card. And i want it, bad!
Every deature.
It's ALL better than the Intel I7 on chip video, which is all I have.
Direct X 11 is always a plus ,the card will run alot quieter and cooler, and of coarse its an ASUS product which tells me it will last.
Superior cooling, superior construction, superior overclocking, to say nothing of TXAA are what I look forward to :D
1. Lower power consumption,
2. Heatsink and the cooling system of DirectCU II is completely awesome!!
I've been using an ATI 4850 since it launched. This card is WELL past it's prime and I've been pretty unsatisfied with the amount of heat and noise generated by this card.

The GeForce GTX 660Ti will enable me to explore new games in their highest detail and the ASUS Maximum V motherboard will give me the hardware boost I need to move away from my aging AMD CPU and towards the better performing Intel variety.
DirectX™ 11, TXAA antialiasing, Adaptive Vertical Sync, PhysX, DirectCU II technology, Super Alloy Power and DIGI+VRM for better power efficiency and overclocking.
great card with overclocking capabilites that make it compete with even a gtx 670!!! Not to mention great cooling also!

The Geforce series has consistently been at the forefront of AA advancements and exclusive feature sets; and that isn't even speaking for the card itself, which combines these highlights with my personally preferred dual fan design for quiet and proper cooling. In a competitive market these are the things that I look for in a card, and what gets me [H].
Would make nice upgrade from my 460.

Faster, cooler, less noise.
Super Alloy Power together with Digi+VRM will be of great help when overclocking.