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We including BUKs for the Vanguard since those make the ship very flexible?

In that case I have both Harbinger and Sentinel.
We including BUKs for the Vanguard since those make the ship very flexible?

In that case I have both Harbinger and Sentinel.

yeah i can include BUK's in the list if people have them, do you have the warden base + both BUK's or a different one as the base? i assumed you had the warden base, if thats not right let me know and ill fix it.
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added them, to the picture as well.

Dont know why the ship names color wont change for me it always ends up grey even if i set another color, makes it hard to see.
Not sure where my list is in this thread but my ships are:

Constellation + Phoenix Upgrade
Starfarer + Gemini Upgrade
Archimedes + Hull-C Cross Chassis Upgrade
This is my current roster of ships due to some upgrades.

Hard Name: DooKey
Callsign: Thunder
Ships: P-52 Merlin, Sabre, Redeemer
Role: Striker, Raider, Escort
Hard Name: B34M3R
Callsign: UberBen
Ships: Carrack, Starfarer, Mustang Beta, Reliant Kore, Retaliator Bomber, Super Hornet, Cutlass Blue, M50
Role: Explorer, support, etc

EDIT: I need to stop buying ships. This is addicting.
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I've done some CCU'ing so now I have 325A, Freelancer MIS LTI (I can CCU back to Super Hornet if I want to) and Reliant Tana LTI.
Ok, its been a while so here's and update.

Banu Merchantman
Vanduul Scythe
Added a Constellation Aquila and MISC Prospector and Freelance Max to my hangar.

Now have

Constellation Aquila (with P-52 Merlin)
Freelancer Max
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I'll be joining the Org soon but here are my creds.

Hard Name:Atarax
Callsign:Shake n Bake(may change)

Ships: Sabre Comet/Endeavor/P-72 Archimedes

Role: Exploratory Operations/Asset Recovery/Pocket Carrier Support
Nice, welcome!

That Endeavor will be much appreciated. We will be able to fit it with a bunch of different modules as the need arises

Update: Grabbed a Polaris back when they had the concept sale and also bought back an Aurora LN LTI package and used the free upgrade to convert it into a DragonFly since I missed out on the original sale.

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Chat up the Star Citizen thread in PC gaming- there are a decent number of people on the current PTU. (not me - no invite to PTU - not bitter at all)
Yea, rumblings are that it will be full released in the next week or so.
I'd say a wider PTU release, maybe to all by XMAS, I would not say a full release until the studios open again after holiday break ( I think it would be irresponsible).
Any of you guys still play? I installed and started trying it again this past weekend, the first time in a couple of years.

I attacked someone in my M50, just for shits and giggles, I died rather quickly lol
Head over to the PCGaming thread, there is a pretty active group (and some haters).
I still play when I’m not one the road for work! I think most backers are waiting for more gameplay loops.