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Discussion in 'Small Form Factor Systems' started by Michigan PC, Aug 17, 2005.

  1. revenant

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    Apr 10, 2005
    Here we go.. thermaltake core v1 with
    - MSI z270i gaming pro carbon ac
    - i7 6700k cooled by cryorig h9i
    - Gskill trident Z 3200
    - gtx750ti (waiting on Galax 1050ti exoc white)
    - Samsung evo 850 500g m.2 for OS
    - 2x Wd blue spinners raid1 w/ 60G ssd cache
    - PNY 960g SSD (60g of it is the rst cache)
    - Antec 750w Edge
    - Corsair lighting node pro

    This tiny fucking powerhouse is going to replace my 24/7 rig. I’ll OC the CPU to 4.4 and leave it there. I badly want Corsair to come out with a HD200 fan I can control the lights from the other channel on my lighting not pro. I’ll post a video of the lighting soon.

    E033689B-D44F-43B9-8FDD-E0D4D6B5F05D.jpeg 58712B18-9BAC-4480-9D6F-E0D3A426D3D8.jpeg 748DD519-099A-447E-B002-6F11C260B23F.jpeg F85AF899-3610-47D6-9CE5-58F52428A5AD.jpeg F7D7813B-930C-4D3B-9E3C-6099A400834B.jpeg A3C2E69D-1E39-4C5A-8AB4-EADBAE454B44.jpeg B24EDB42-2513-47A4-977A-151F1E0561AE.jpeg