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Dec 31, 1969
Kyle and Brent sent word that they are both elbows deep testing AMD's RX 480 CrossFire this afternoon through the holiday weekend. The first thing Kyle told me was that RX 480 CrossFire used 150 watts more power than GeForce GTX 1080 under load. While higher power draw isn't actually a good thing, at least now AMD can honestly say that the RX 480 CrossFire is scoring higher than the GeForce GTX 1080 at something. :p Stay tuned for our test results!
Make sure you keep a camera trained on the rig - I can't imagine the number of views you'll get if you get a video of the RX 480s literally smoking your motherboard. ;)
Hehe he, my crossfire set my pcie slot ablaze.....

Bad puns aside I am looking forward to this review.
What happens when you cross-fire two high wattage out of spec cards in Kyle's stress test.

Sounds like a GTX 460 situation. Affordable, but can pump the performance.

Can't wait and hope crossfire doesn't become literal.
dude the red hair just doesn't help lol.

Now I'm going to have to replay THE THING .
As the Ford and the Ferrari fly off the road that winds through The Great Smokey Mountains, I will howl with laughter as Sepultura screams from the speakers while the wind flowing through my skullet.
Anyways..Back on topic...

Hopefully some of that Crossfire testing involves some 1060 SLI competition too. (y)
I hope Kyle and Brent take FLIR or just a thermocouple on the mobo VRMs/slots/traces.

If someone can recreate this video I think it'd be even more fitting than the 290x

Except, that for the 2 years I had my reference 290 and flashed to a 290x, I had no fan issues of extreme noise whatsoever. Helps that I put it in a proper case and not 2 inches from my ears.
LOL one card is almost close to gtx 1080 so its only obvious two cards will be using 100+ watts more. LOL shouldn't be a surprise.
Any cahnce that you will include total war: warhammer with dx12 patch just released, or maybe do a aots/ wahammer redo of dx12 vs dx 11 with the new cards from nvidia and amd.
i'm really sorry what this forum has become, a full on anti AMD crusade, really sad, things used to be fair here... :/