Dec 17, 2013
Hi Guys, my Gigabyte 780GHz just returned from RMA. When checking its clocks (same in GPU Caps Viewer, GPU-Z, Nvidia Inspector) it shows 862/901 while it should show 1019/1071. Unfortunately I dont know what clocks were displayed before RMA.
Positive is that when gaming it shows current clock 1019 but anyway isnt this strange please? How about other Ghz owners what is displayed to them?
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863 / 902 is reference. But it's running at 1019 which meets GHz speed. Might have been boosting too much at 1019 / 1071. Just overclock it yourself with MSI AB or Precision. Most of Gigabyte's 780 cards are +91 core so that should be a safe number. Only the GHz edition was +156, must have not worked out so well. Personally I think you're better off with stock clocks and do the overclock yourself / or run stock when you want.
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CAPS viewer is probably only showing what the base clock speeds are for the GPU in the Max Clock field. I would use GPU-Z or MSI AB/overclock program of choice to check your clock speeds so you can look at a historical graph. As xorbe said, conditions were probably not conducive to the full Boost clock of 1071 at the point you looked at CAPS viewer, but it may have been going faster prior to that point.
Hi xorbe&Armenius, thanks for your reply, I tried GPU-Z, nvidia inspecor and Gigabyte OC guru as well. All show the same. Even when I tried 3D MArk Firestrike test, the score is now 300 points less than before and before 3dmark said coreclock 1020, now it says 863. When I click info button in gigabyte OC guru it goes to page with "basic" GTX780 and not the GHz edition.
Also they didnt return to me same card, I took a photo before RMA and label on PCA is now different.
If the card works, test out an overclock with MSI AB for a while, then backup the bios with GPU-Z, bump up the clock with MBT, and reflash. I am totally guessing that they had a high return rate on the top super-clock GHz model, and reset the bios to stock clocks. Not saying that's cool, but having a card that actually works is an important starting point. How did the old one fail?
There was just blackscreen, after some experimenting I found that card work just when the cumputer chassy lie down on its side. Interesting was that after start up you could put chassy to normal position, everything worked normally - till restart or shutdown - black screen.¨Cumputer just had to lie down on start up to have video signal.

Its also seems to me I have "normal" 780 now but why the current clock is 1019MHz when gaming? I dont think base 780 can do it?
I'd say if it's working, all is well. Happy gaming! (unsubbed)