GTX 660 Ti 2GB - $165 after coupon code

19% ROI if you had bought the XFX R9 270X at ~$210 before Xmas but now $250 post Xmas which is unheard of for electronics since they tend to depreciate especially after Xmas.

Who buys a GPU just for entertainment anymore? Crypto currency mining and hash/password recovery rates are about 3X faster.

And, when it's not making you money it's faster than four generations of the competition (> GTX 680 > GTX 760 > GTX 670 > GTX 660 Ti) at Battlefield 4 and achieves the minimal 30fps+ at 1080p ultra and optimal 60fps+ at 1080p high.

I think xoleras is detracting people from buying it so he can hoard it for himself like stock analysts telling people to sell their shares when they want in. :D
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All I did was suggest a different thread be made regarding a completely different graphics card manufactured by a completely different company than the one this thread originated from. Seems like you're the one who needs to chill out ;)
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