GTX 1080 outputs only on one port, any tips how to solve this?


May 6, 2017
After using my 1080 for two weeks (Gigabyte G1 Gaming), yesterday after a bootup I noticed that the card only sends out signal on one of the display ports (it has 3 DP, 1 HDMI). No matter how many displays are plugged in, signal is only sent to one port, o matter how the displays are plugged in after the startup. If there is only one display plugged in at startup, that will be the only active port.

After reinstalling the Nvidia driver (Win10) all ports are detected and work again, but the issue reappears on the next restart. More specifically one is active and my two other monitors will have black screen output (one has briefly a white screen before the desktop loads).

Is this a driver/mobo issue (I have a GA-Z87MX-D3H) or could this be a HW fault? Could someone have a tip on how to solve this? Thanks!
I have a Dell monitor connected via DP and with it's default settings it will not wake up once it's in sleep mode. If I turn it off and back on it will wake up. There's a setting on the monitor itself called "monitor deep sleep" once I disabled that everything works normally.
Thanks both of you. As it turned out there is something with the newer 380+ drivers that causes troubles with my card, reverting back to 378 seemingly solves the issues. Hope Nvidia fixes this as time goes on.