GT Omega Master XL Chair - Fat Guy Approved, 18 months of ownership review.


Limp Gawd
Dec 8, 2011
After a year and a half of owning this chair, I think its safe to say it has plenty of life left in it.

So a little about myself, I am a 5'8" person who is 285 pounds on average. I have owned many chairs in the past, most of them either cheap or given to me for free. As a person of higher weight, I see that you need to research your prospective chairs since not all of them have high weight limits, Simply walking into a Walmart and dropping $100 on one of their in store offered chairs was not doable.

In the past, many of my chairs suffered from a castor leg breaking, One of my chairs that lasted a long time only suffered from the seat padding wearing out completely.

I came across a review for this chair by a youtuber named Barnacules Nerdgasm in my search for fay guy chair reviews, Never heard of GTOmega before so I searched it out on google.

The chair was a little bit over my budget for a new chair by around $50, Similar priced chairs by DXRacer and AKRacing at the time did not offer weight capacities of 300 pounds or higher.

Found a coupon code for $20 off retail price and took the gamble and ordered it, I think I ordered it early enough in the day that it shipped out the same day, The chair arrived the next day under their free shipping offering as it shipped from one state over( Central Pennsylvania to Northeast Ohio).

A year and a half has passed by, the chair is holding up to the torture I put it through, I have however started sitting down lightly once I got this chair instead of plopping my full weight into it hard so I think that helps.

There seems to be no problems with the padding wearing down and the castor legs are still in one piece, Tilting back in this thing doesnt feel like the chair is about to fall completely backwards.

One thing of note, when I first sat down in this chair, it did sit about an inch or 2 higher than I liked, but since then, the chair quickly settled and I have no problems with my feet sitting lever on the ground, I was somewhat prepared for this as other reviews did mention that the chair was made for taller people and I just hit the bottom of what applies to be called taller persons.


Thanks for taking the time to read this and have a nice day!


Zero Cool
Sep 2, 2004
Not bad...330 lb weight limit is really not that high for a Big & Tall chair, but it sounds like it works for you. :)