Gridcoin now paying out for Folding@home contributions


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Jan 29, 2006
First, you are unlikely to make profit from running this normally. So for those that are coming here only for the profit should probably just stop reading and move on. For those that understand what volunteer computing is and don't mind getting a small bit of their contribution returned to them, please keep reading.

Second, it is posted in the mining sub forum because that is the rules on anything crypto here at [H]. This isn't the DC subsection trying to take over another sub like some of the die hard crypto people see it. If it is posted in the DC subforums, a mod will either delete it or move it here anyways. If this causes you butt hurt, just move on.

Now with both of those said, Gridcoin has whitelisted Folding@home to receive rewards for your contributions just like it has many BOINC based projects. Adding Folding@home entails a bit more work because it also forces you to have at least an account at one whitelisted BOINC projects to establish what is known as a CPID. This CPID is just an identifier in the BOINC realm to indicate you are the same user across all BOINC projects. Since Gridcoin bases their rewards using your CPID, it was necessary to establish a way to also track you at a non-BOINC project. They essentially just did what Foldingcoin did and made you use the unique identifier in your Folding@home name.

For those that already have a CPID due to running BOINC, it is quite simple.
  1. Find your CPID. If you don't know it, go to the Gridcoin wallet under hamburger menu > settings > researcher wizard > projects. Or if you didn't have the Gridcoin wallet set up yet, you could go to the BOINC project you support and it will be under your account info.
  2. 1673888808949.png
  3. Download the Folding@home client from and start installation
  4. When prompted, create a username with the format: friendlyname_GRC_CPID
    1. Friendlyname can be any name you want
    2. GRC must remain in the middle and be capitalized
    3. CPID should be your CPID
  5. Not required but helps promote [H]: enter team # 33
  6. Setting up a passkey is optional but strongly suggested as you will get more F@H credit which means more GRC
That's it! You will start receiving rewards once you have completed some workunits.

For those that have never set up BOINC, we have a few guides for setting up the process. Now with Gridcoin, you need to have the BOINC client running on the same host as your Gridcoin wallet. So, you will want to keep it installed. I do this in a virtual machine. You need to leave the one (or more) BOINC projects (whitelisted by Gridcoin) that you created an account with connected in the BOINC client. It is recommended to have all the projects you support all attached to at least one client to keep your CPID sync'd up anyways. This is how the Gridcoin wallet knows what whitelisted projects you are running and attempting to claim from.

How to install BOINC - This thread has multiple OS options so make sure to read through it all and feel free to ask any questions you have.
How to install Folding@home - This is on Windows. If you need Linux support, please go to the distributed computing subforums and someone can get you rolling.
Setting up the Gridcoin wallet -
if you have a F@H username already this will create a new record/account for accruing points, if that matters to anyone.