Greenmangaming Summer Sale

can't imagine it isn't worth 12 bucks if you like elder scroll games or like mmorpg is general. I would say it isn't if there was a sub fee
is elder scrolls online any good? I see its only 12 bucks with code

It's a good game now after all the fixes they have rolled out since launch. You'll enjoy it. Best thing is that it doesn't have a subscription fee now.
Is ESO for Steam or is it 3rd party or direct client?

GMG always tells you the DRM required for whatever your purchasing, it's the very first thing in the items description. In this case "Please Note: The key delivered will require activation on your Elder Scrolls Online Account"

If it we're Steam, it would say "Third party DRM: Steam This game requires a free Steam account to play."
Bought the legendary super hilux delux inception version of ESO, been wanting it but not at $80 or whatever the hell it was.
Last night, I bought Wolf: Old Blood and Grid 2 for exactly $10. Steam keys were presented on the order confirmation screen and both keys activated without an issue. Now I just need to find the time (and SSD space) to download 45 GB that these 2 games will utilize. :eek:
Hmmm, you can even use the 23% off voucher on the Fallout 4 pre-order

I know everyone's excited about FO4 and that silly Pipboy thing, and that weird bomb thing they had last week but...