Gran Turismo Sophy Announced by Sony AI and Polyphony


Nov 12, 2012
The video is pretty good

IMO the marketing is way overhyping repeatedly saying "revolutionary", "super human AI", etc. in every paragraph on the website.
It isn't some super insane breakthrough compared to other AI projects (especially compared to what deep mind did with StarCraft 2), but it's still really cool.

Basically they created an AI with reinforcement learning, but they didn't only train it to be as fast as possible. They also trained it to have "racing etiquette" and not purposely crash into other drivers, respect their lines, etc.
They AI communicated directly with the game, they didn't use cameras and interpret the data themselves or anything like that so it can't be directly applied to an AI for a real car.

It sounds like they're going to be doing more of this stuff in other games too.

It seems like the real goal is to create more realistic AI that ships with games to replace traditional hard coded AI. But it doesn't seem like they've done that yet.