GPU support


Dec 31, 2004
Curious if anyone has used a GPU support that keeps the right side from sagging. I've seen some before but was curious if anyone has an experience with a particular brand that you like. I have a 3090 ftw3 ultra that will eventually be on water. So it will be heeaaavvvyy.. TIA
I have used the upHere GPU brace for a big MSI Gaming X Trio 2080Ti and an EVGA XC2 Ultra Gaming and they are great. You have to have space on the floor of your case for it, but if you do, it works well.
Water blocks are smaller and lighter than the stock cooler - they don't sag. You can apply upwards pressure just from the soft tubing layout.
Was thinking about the optimus block for the 3090. That block is 5 pounds by itself...