Got a Spare $43,000? You Could Spend It All on This Monster Gaming PC


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Aug 20, 2006
OverclockersUK is selling a gaming PC that costs almost as much as a Tesla Model 3: for $43,000, filthy rich enthusiasts get a tower that is actually two systems in one, comprising three NVIDIA Titan RTX GPUs, a liquid-cooled and overclocked 18C/36T Intel Core i9-7890XE and 8C/8T i9-9700K, 144GB of DDR4 RAM, eight 2TB Samsung SSDs, and a 2000W power supply. Handle with care, UPS.

For those of us who fantasize about the dream PC we’ll buy as soon as our lottery numbers come up, here’s an option to consider: the OrionX2 from OverclockersUK. It costs the equivalent of just over $43,000, or around 20 high-end gaming PCs. 43 grand is, of course, an awful lot of money for a computer, but this isn’t your everyday PC. Designed by overclocking champion Ian “8Pack” Parry, the OrionX2 is actually two overclocked systems packed into one case, making it a workstation/gaming machine combo.
Only 43K? Why stop there? Why not charge a million for it? It is out of most people's price range, as that is a large part of a household mortgage. Sadly, there are people that would still buy it. I prefer to build my own for waaaaaaaaayyyyy less than that!
I'd personally rather spend 43K on a new truck, or a slightly used, beefed-up one with a shotgun rack. Heck for 43K, I could probably also pick up the shotguns to go in the rack, a good supply of ammo, and even maybe a new mama tat.

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I probably have 3500 invested in 3 PC's, including the monitors and accessories over the last 3 years.
How does it do in Nlink for VR? I'm sure some VRchat lover would buy if it would wow on a Pimax 5K.
Although IMHO it looks ugly as f**k I think its an impressive system. Theres a lot of stuff crammed in there. Its insanely overpriced but then so are a lot of things. I don't know how much of that is 'branding' but there is over $20k of GPUs, RAM & SSDs in there. I honestly doubt they'll sell any or even expect to as to me it seems more like a "look what we can do" kind of thing with a unique selling point (the 2nd PC). The only people I can see buying it is a rich parent for their gamer child or a streamer with millions of viewers who 'needs' donations from viewers to buy it so they can keep them entertained.
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So whats that, 20-25k in labor?

This is OcUK - classic out of touch pricing.....and I remember these guys (not owners anymore) about 20 years ago when I was a student in the UK that had just started....I got a Coppermine Pentium from them to overclock....
I remember their scam sales and fake customer service.
They sold me a broken second hand TV as new, shipped in a bin liner ffs, and did everything they could to avoid sorting it out until I threatened court action.
Robbing fuckers arent getting a penny from me or anyone I know again.
If you want a dedicated PC for gaming and a dedicated Workstation, why not build two computers, instead of trying to shoehorn them together?
Or just build a single computer that does both:

Asus c621e sage
2x Xeon 8180M
GB of ram
4x Titan V including Titan V CEO ed 32GB
960pro nvme (OS)
10x SSD Raid (Apps and Backup 8x 2x)
1600W PSU (digital) noiseless
MS 2016 Data Center, Ubuntu
P1 miniITX case

..and the customary pint of blood and pound of flesh

8857 on first cinebench test

cool running temps, and silent pc,
and put it ALL in a miniITX case!


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There's a huge profit in there. If I was dropping I don't care money it would be in a single dual socket system with windows enterprise. Win10 pro? Oh diaf.
As soon as they finished testing that build and new it would work it stopped being cutting edge. It's the curse of the field we happen to be enthusiasts within.
This is crazy. I just built 8 9980XE workstations for well under 10K each at work and could probably upgrade to a good chunk of those specs without having to spend that much.