Gordon Bell Prize Finalist Aims to Cut Aircraft Emissions

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    Dec 31, 1969
    The number of air travelers and flights around the world is soaring. Peter Vincent wants to keep the resulting aircraft emissions from taking off. Vincent and his team at Imperial College London are making it easier for manufacturers to design and test more environmentally efficient aircraft. “The issue has been recognized on both sides of the Atlantic, and new technology is urgently required to meet the challenge,” said Vincent, who is a Reader and an Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council Fellow in the college’s Aeronautics Department. Lighter planes emit lower amounts of greenhouse gases, and many designers have zeroed in on reducing the weight of jet engine turbines. The researchers created open source software that lets designers use GPU-powered supercomputers to more efficiently and accurately simulate how new designs perform.
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    Oct 4, 2007
    Yet, even then, as nice as this software will probably be, nothing ever quite turns out the way the simulations seem to predict. But, I am sure the airlines are all for efficiency since it will save them money.
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    Software and a plane.....how could it fail???!

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    So, no more chemtrails?