Google Pixel 3 Expected to Be Unveiled at the Made by Google 2018 Event

This is a recorded demo they are using right now, it is NOT live. The "Show me how to carve pumpkins" comes up on the screen before he actually says it.

It's been regressing since the S5. 8 months of circle jerking with speculation and leaks, increasing cost, fragile glass bodies, permanent and smaller batteries that charge (wear-out) faster, no sdcard, no IR transmitter, locked bootloaders, less than 2 years of OS updates, rear speakers, no wireless charging, no head phone jacks, carrier bloat. I need a new phone, don't mind spending $700-800 and am disappointed with all the options.

Edit: Forgot to mention the addition of bio-metric harvesting features like face detection, finger print readers, and retina scanners.
Pixel Slate is the device of the year.

Huge bezels
Pos hardware (core m3) to start
$199 keyboard
$99 pen

You are looking at $900 before tax for this pos package? Add the insurance and it becomes a highway robbery!