Google I/O Liveblog


They announce the address before actually making the website. Good Job Google. = 404 error.
Google home, the new marketing device for google that allows them to go beyond scanning your email to determine which ads to display, they can now scan every conversation you have in real time to determine which ads best suit you as their target audience when using google products. Yay!

But seriously though, if these sorts of products were actually "self contained" instead of phoning home to actually function, I might consider one.
Can get in on the android N beta at for nexus devices, been using it for a little bit today, I rather like it so far. New notifications bar is fav feature so far
Good on Google for getting a home but they didnt need to splash it everywhere.
I already have a home so I dont think I'll be joining them.
Demo was cool. The Amazon Echo is a lot cooler than I thought it would be. I don't own one yet, but have been tempted. I'll probably wait and see how Google offers their product.
Nice thing about the Echo is that it integrates with a decent amount of hardware already - I have a Link hub and should be able to use it to control my lights. Google's won't have this out of the gate, but sounds like they might open it up at a later date.
This stuff is cool. I am in the process of closing on a house and I'm just going to go nuts with automation. I already have Hue Lights, Harmony Home Control, Sonos and a couple other widgets in my current rental. Probably going to add a lot of additional functionality with SmartThings, Nest, etc. I wish Sonos was keeping up with Amazon and Google as I have a relatively substantial system, however their new 5 does have a mic built in, they just haven't enabled it yet. Hopefully they add that functionality, otherwise I'll probably buy this Google thing or the Amazon Dot.

I realize I'm an early adopter and am going to run into frustrations, but should be fun.