Google Denies Claims Of A Homepage Revamp


May 13, 2013
Yesterday in a report from The Guardian claimed that Google would be changing it's stark white page to a "news feed". ARS Technica reached out to google, that deny the site is getting a revamp. The original report uses quotes and images from Google's July 19th blog post about news feed upgrades, but Google's post was only speaking about the mobile site and apps.

We reported on the original story yesterday, and wanted to be sure to post the clarification. Good news for those of us who don't want bloat. I did like iGoogle though.

Thanks for reaching out. Confirming that later this year, we hope to roll some version of the feed experience to on the mobile web. However, the design and functionality are still completely unconfirmed as this is still in testing phases.
To be clear, we have no plans for desktop.
Give me that iGoogle back and you can have your clean google search page.
It makes me happy that I'm not the only one that remembers and liked iGoogle. I still have no idea why they shut it down, it couldn't have been taking up any real resources.