Google Cloud Seeks to Develop Machine Learning Apps for the Healthcare Industry


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Apr 10, 2003
Toby Cosgrove is an advisor for the Google Cloud health care and life sciences team. He recently discussed his recommendations for the Google Cloud team to pursue that would help hospitals and health care providers to modernize. He sees killer application development such as transcribing physician's notes and natural language processing based on machine learning as the future. He believes that the multi-million dollar investments in the current infrastructure that hospitals use doesn't need to be replaced. He envisions Google Cloud creating apps that work on top of the current system to increase the efficiency and lower the costs of healthcare. Automated appointments, billing and more are all addressable by machine learning.

"He (Toby) understands the ins and outs of the provider challenges and has provided context for where there is huge opportunity for back office operational improvement like billing, coding, call center, and so on, all of which are addressable via machine learning tools," said Greg Moore, a vice president for Google Cloud healthcare & life sciences' team, and a colleague of Cosgrove's. "We have to think about how these products fit within the larger context of a hospital system," he said. "How do they integrate with tools that physicians are already using? How can they help reduce the time physicians spend on administrative care?"
Oh sounds so healthy.

Google-bot: Here's your appointment.

You: I'm not available on that date.

Google-bot: Here's your appointment. Sign into your Google account to confirm.

You: I don't have a Google account.

Google-bot: Sign into your Google account to confirm.

You: I don't have a Google account.

Google-bot: Here's your bill. Sign into your Google account to pay.

You: I don't have a Google account.

Google-bot: Sign into your Google account or die.
You know what else lowers the cost of health care? Universal Health Care.

We can't have that in our country because our populace is stupid enough to believe the elites that socialized health care doesn't work. This despite all the evidence and many examples worldwide that it in fact does work. You know who doesn't have to worry about health care? The "elites". It's a tiny fraction of their income, so why should they care? Congress, by the way, gets free health care. SOCIALIZED health care since it is paid for by the taxpayer.

Eh fuck it let's just continue with the current system that bankrupts people unlucky enough to get a disease.
This shit won't ever fly in countries that take privacy seriously. Making healthcare efficient is a great pursuit, but this is completely unacceptable as medical privacy is paramount for more reasons than I have time to go into.

Ok Google, fuck off.