Good receiver with multi-channel in that doesn't break the bank?


Fully [H]
Oct 11, 2001
Been using DD-Live of DTS-Connect since... well, the Nforce 2 era, as much as I can. Recent gaming system build blocks all but the top PCIE slot with radiators/fans (went custom loop), and for once I don't have a place to hook up a Xonar card with DTS on it anymore for my ProMedia 5.1 (amp died, replaced with a sub+receiver).

That's fine - I could buy a USB powered creative card with DTS/DDLive on it, but I don't feel like fighting that particular fight - and it sure looks like the technology is dying out pretty fast anyway. System has a good DAC in it, so what I need is a good receiver that can do multi-channel in - the last one I had died a few years back during a move, and I'm having a hell of a time finding one that isn't a super high-end denon/onkyo. Anyone have a recommendation?


[H]F Junkie
Jul 11, 2001
If you're just going to hook up to the 7.1 multi-channel analog inputs, then what you should be looking at are Home Theater receivers in the 5-15 year old range. You can get some nice used Pioneer-Elite units that probably cost $1400 when they were new used now for maybe $200. Fantastic amp sections in most of these. The only things you will miss out on are high-resolution HDMI pass-through / input switching, and support for the newer digital surround codecs (DTS-HD Master Audio, Dolby TrueHD, etc). None of that matters one iota if you are simply using the 7.1 multi-channel analog inputs.