good newer multiplayer FPS


Jun 17, 2011
I'm looking for a good multiplayer FPS.

I enjoyed BFBC2,BF3,BF4,COD4,5(WaW), blops.
those examples aren't recent, but I do play newer games.

not interested in the latest COD, BF2042, fortnite, or PUBG-likes. Can't be P2W.

Any suggestions? Anyone with similar tastes that finds themselves searching for something good like those examples? Thx
CS:Go? I know you said no to BF2042 but it has improved drastically from launch.
Not as good graphics, but BattleBit just came out and it's been a blast.
+1000 for Battlebit!!

It may not be everyones style, but damn if it isnt fun. The fact that 4 people developed it, and it has working footsteps!! Mind blowing!

Can have 200+ people in a server or join the "normal" 128 or 64 servers.

There is a bit of a grind. But I dont see it as bad as majority make it out to be.

The community (and I pray it stays this way) is awesome, you have your friendly trash talk on death, but you also have team work and call outs. Had a squad last night rolling 6 deep and we absolutely destroyed anything that got in our ways, thanks to amazing coms.

Have 10 hours into so far and even tho its the same type of shooter as I normally play, its definitely brought a little fresh air into my library.
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