Good fold-flat HDMI/DP monitor (17"+) - freesync a plus


Fully [H]
Oct 11, 2001
Looking at something like this: ( - just not sure if there are well-known ones / better ones available. Don't want USB-C input as much as I need HDMI or DP of some kind, 1080P or higher, and freesync.

The goal is to have a kiosk-like VR system. It'll spend 80% of the time booted into linux running some server workloads, with a simple "click here to reboot to room scale VR" link on the desktop. Boot to windows, pick up the Oculus headset, and off you go. Once done, reboot to linux, server workloads pick up again. When not in use, want hte monitor to fold flat against the bookshelves that the system will be in so it looks nice and clean, and you only flip it up to switch over (or in a pinch to run some normal games if I have people over) or do updates/etc.

Anyone done something like this, or have any recommendations?