Good CPU benchmarking program?

Matt Welke

Limp Gawd
Mar 17, 2004
I use Sisoft SANRA right now for benchmarking CPUs because of how it outputs good raw information which can easily be compared to other CPUs. It outputs in MIPS (Million Instructions Per Second) and MFLOPS (Million Floating Point Operations Per Second). The only qualm I have with the program is how frickin long it takes to install onto a computer and how long it takes to load. It's a whole PC analysis package but it's only the CPU benchmarking part of it I actually use.

My question is whether or not there are any free, quick, light programs out there that you guys use that test for the scores of CPUs in MIPS and MFLOPS. Thanks in advance for any tips and advice. :)


Dec 29, 2002
Problem is you can't really compare it to other systems. You can only really compare it to your own.

For other programs to try, check this thread.