Good Cisco Voice Resources


Mar 14, 2010
In my line of work we install hardware and software to record phone calls. Its a much more in depth than that but thats the short and sweet.

Under normal circumstances the customer brings the phone system to us and we record it. We dont normally get involved in their phone system as there so many different technologies, vendors, and solutions we cant possibly be experts in all of them.

We are a reseller though. NICE handles the big boys like Verizon, DirectTV, stuff like that. We handle the SMB's and NICE supports us when necessary. Its an efficient system. The only problem is when dealing with SMB's they tend to have an on-site "jack of all trades" handling anything with technology. This person usually has no clue how to operate or manage their phone system, and is usually no help to me what so ever when it comes time for troubleshooting.

We have had an increasing amount of Cisco VOIP lately. What I'm looking to do is gain some knowledge about Cisco Voip, particularly at least being able to know my way around the Call Manager. I'm sure theres ALOT more involved in this but I'd like to get a basic understanding of how it works so I can at least be of some help to an onsite technician. My job maintains they wont pay for training as its not our responsibility to troubleshoot a customer's phone system.

SO. Any good sites? books? anything to recommend for my reading?


May 17, 2001
Depends on the gear you find yourself working on. At work we use UC5xx CMEs and therefor is a good reference.

You can also read datasheets for specific gear from Cisco's website (even though their spec sheets tend to be useless).