GOG Games Summer Sale 700+ Titles


Jan 17, 2008
I just received an e-mail from GOG Games. It's their summertime sale. Maybe not as good as the Thanksgiving sale, but pretty solid. I LOVE GOG!

Just picked up Rollercoaster Tycoon for $8. I always wanted to give it a try but didn't want to pay the full price of $20. Thanks OP
Sunuva... now I have to spend money this weekend. Thanks UMASS!
Snagged FTL then realized it doesn't activate on Steam DOH! Yes, I am n00b.
No problem. Thought I would post it. I just picked-up a little gem of a game called "Expeditions: Conquistador" for $9.99 Been waiting for a price drop. I've seen in @ Gamers Gate for $5.00, but I like buying from GOG.

It's a cool turned-based hybrid strategy game. Kind of a mix of Fallout series, Heroes of Might & Magic & a small touch of Civilization & maybe even a little Jagged Alliance.

Heading out for Friday night dinner with the wife & heading back to play some more.
If you scroll to the bottom, you can see which games are up next. I see Knock Knock is on deck.
Sweet! Thanks for the heads up! I couldn't help myself, and grabbed a copy of Master of Magic! Oh, the nostalgia...
Thanks for this. Picked up Cliff of Dover for 2.49€ (about $3.50) after watching this video. Seems modders have saved the game so I figure the price was right.
PanzerBoxb: That was very well done! Great video. Really felt you were there. I watched the entire cut. Too bad I sucked @ flight simulators. Enjoy.
Thanks for this. Picked up Icewind Dale I & II as well as POD (because I loved POD).
I gotta be honest, I haven't picked up a single game yet.
so i never bought a game from here before this means its just the exe file since its drm free?
so i never bought a game from here before this means its just the exe file since its drm free?

The games usually have an installer and additional files like manuals, soundtracks, wallpapers, etc that you can also download. The installer will install stuff like DOSBox if you need it to run the game.
Picked up Sniper Elite 3 for $30 with the 25% off coupon they sent me.