GlobalFoundries Spins Off Custom ASIC Division


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Mar 3, 2018
Yesterday, GlobalFoundries announced the formation of Avera Semiconductor, made up of what used to be GlobalFoundries' Custom ASIC Business. Interestingly, the new company claims it will offer clients "access to alternate foundry processes at 7nm and beyond." In spite of previous promises that their 7nm technology was "on track", GlobalFoundries recently dropped their own 7nm node due to financial concerns, implying that Avera will do business with other foundries.

Avera Semi is built upon an unrivaled legacy of ASIC expertise, tapping into a world-class team that has executed more than 2,000 complex designs in its 25-year history. With more than 850 employees, annual revenues in excess of $500 million, and over $3 billion in 14nm designs in execution, Avera Semi is well positioned to serve clients developing products across a wide range of markets, including wired and wireless networking, data centers and storage, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and aerospace and defense. The new company is led by Kevin O'Buckley, a leader in the ASIC business since joining GF as part of the acquisition of IBM Microelectronics in 2015. Previously, he spent nearly 20 years at IBM in a variety of roles spanning both technical and executive leadership positions.
if they JUST made this spin-off, how can they have 25 years of hstory and expertise?

gf may have made asics under the gf name along time ago (seems very likely)

everyone keep in mind that asics does not necessarily (or even most of the time) mean crypto