GIGABYTE Z270X Ultra Gaming Motherboard Review


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May 18, 1997
GIGABYTE Z270X Ultra Gaming Motherboard Review - GIGABYTE has been on a roll with all it's 2017 offerings. This generation has seen solid boards for both AMD and Intel fans alike. Today, we switch gears and look at the GIGABYTE Z270X Ultra Gaming. It's the most misleading name GIGABYTE has used to date, but comes in with a very affordable price of $160!


Jan 7, 2004
Great review, as always.
Like you guys, I was perhaps a little surprised that the Ultra surpassed the Gaming 7 in some of the tests. It can't all be the memory speed (e.g. the wPrime test on page 4). Curious, but at least it performs better than the former!

On a personal note, I know you guys are big fans of 'Brand A' motherboards - and I can certainly understand that as they seem to serve many people well. I myself haven't had as much luck with them over the years, and have basically gravitated towards Gigabyte boards as a result. 4 of my 5 systems have Gigabyte boards (including 3 A10 HTPCs), and they've all been rock solid for me - nary a hiccup. I'm super pleased to continue reading your great reviews of their products - sounds like I'll be sticking with them for the future.


Mar 30, 2007
With regards to the plastic push pins and springs, would it be possible and/or safe to replace them with steel or nylon screws and nuts? Do the heatsink mounting tabs seem sturdy enough? Other boards that I have seen that use metal fasteners are not insulated so there should not be a problem with that.

The board looks like a good choice to me other than those push pins (oh, and the stupid vertically mounted SATA 2 and 3 ports). And at that price, it will make it to my short list!