Gigabyte x570 Aorus Master rev 1.2 on BIOS version F35e cold-boot issue.


Jan 15, 2022
I had the cold-boot issue. It would need the CMOS battery pulled out to resurrect it, and some BIOS updates made it last longer. Following the instructions from kraz3yivan on YouTube (link below), I was able to fix that issue. However, about a year later, the problem began again and within a few resurrections, not even pulling out the CMOS would work any longer. I bought an ASUS B550 motherboard instead and installed it, which appeared to resolve the issue, but within a few weeks, it needed the same resurrections. I took off the Corsair Link dongle attached to my AX1200i PSU, and it resolved the issue again. But within a week, the same thing began occurring; pulling the CMOS battery out wouldn't work after several resurrections. I replaced the internal power cabling with premium aftermarket cabling.

Long story short, always buy premium internal cables. Most of the diagnoses on the internet and troubleshooting with various components, even from seasoned PC builders, will be to diagnose the Motherboard or the CPU. You may balk at the cost of premium cabling, but it will probably last a few builds and its insurance that could prevent you from wasting a great deal of time and money on replacement parts and re-building. I now have a spare and expensive PSU and am still using the less extendable B550. I look on the bright side and keep my x570 as a backup because I'd say it's OK after kraz3yivan's fix. I suspect an intermittently dodgy cable worsened the issue; part of it was the board was doing its job and refusing to boot due to a wiring issue.

So, if you have an x570 from Gigabyte, do the fix from kraz3yivan, and make sure you add the /DB /C switches in the autoexec.bat on a bootable USB. It's the key to it.

My advice to any builder is ALWAYS BUY AFTERMARKET INTERNAL POWER CABLING. Even with an otherwise good board and PSU, there is a slight but real chance you get a problem causing a few years of pain.

I wanted to make this post because HardForums was a precious resource for helping fix issues and led me to learn about all the possible fixes for the Gigabyte x570. Thanks, people. Hopefully, this tells you the answer to the Gigabyte x570 cold-boot problem at a minimum.
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