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May 18, 1997
GIGABYTE X48T-DQ6 - GIGABYTE’s latest release seems to sport a formidable mix of engineering prowess and raw power. With the Intel X48 chipset under the hood, this board looks to be a champion. While it is still brightly colored, don't think that this motherboard is a clown.

Gigabyte’s X48T-DQ6 is simply a great motherboard for almost all Intel Core 2 overclockers. Recent BIOS updates have allowed better OCing than the F4 BIOS that likely ships with the board, but follow the instructions exactly for updating. The X48T-DQ6 is one of the most stable motherboards we have ever tested punching through 61c ambient temperatures to operate stable under full CPU, GPU, and RAM load for over 20 hours.


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Sep 14, 2007
Uhmm, is it me or the last few mobo reviews seem to favour the 790i?

Gee but now the card to get seems to be a crossfireX card, so what to do!?

Hey, why dont you throw in a couple of 4870x2s in that Gigabyte X48T-DQ6 and let us know how that does? ;)

Regardless, enjoyed the review, thank you.


Aug 11, 2008
My first AMD board was a Gigabyte GA-K8U-939 I got for free with the purchase of an AMD 3500+. I loved it and vowed to always buy Gigabyte boards after that because of the great quality, even on the cheap ass board I had. Easytune is the best Windows CPU Overclocking utility I have ever used. However I yearned for an EVGA 680i so I went with that.

My next build is coming up real soon here but Gigabyte seems to be a different company since the days of the 939. Lately Gigabyte's reputation for QC has gone into the gutter if all the problems people are talking about on the forums are to be believed, at least on the Intel boards. Things like releasing a BIOS that is bricking 90% of the boards that were flashed is simply unacceptable. They know it's bad and has a high chance of ruining their customers experience so what do they do? They leave it up there for more people to download. Just the thought of buying a $250 motherboard and feeling completely screwed when you can't get a 400Mhz FSB is what has put me off.

On the other hand I was playing around with a modest $130 ASUS P5Q with an E8400 that simply blew me away. Rock solid at 500Mhz+. That's probably the last thing Gigabyte wants to hear but ASUS looks to have some great P45's.

From everything I have heard no one seems overly impressed with the X48's. Then again that's cutting edge tech for you. I guess we'll see if Gigabyte can work out the kinks.


Jul 20, 2002
I have the X38T-DQ6 and let me tell you that it has the BIOS updates from hell! I got tired of getting the reboot of death constantly and finally got sick of it and just flashed back to the origional BIOS. Let's hope Gigabyte got is shit together this time around for the masses when there is a BIOS update from them.

It's too bad I can't just swap mobo's to this one without Vista Ultimate having a stroke.

Edit: looks like Gigabyte got smart and made the North Bridge heatsink much bigger this time around. Personally I think the NB should come with a fan installed on it. When overlcocking my NB on the X38T got freakin HOT!


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Feb 7, 2003
$309? Ouch, ouch, ouch. BTW, ouch. I think it's high time for the mobo makers to start taking lessons from the other sectors, ie. video cards, memory, etc. and start lowering prices on new releases. I know someone here will justify this board costing $300+.


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Jun 2, 2005
Yeah, a $300 board + $200 processor + $200 memory + $400 minitower case + $??? Windows Vista Ultimate = Win???

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May 4, 2000
If only Gigabyte would stop taping stickers to the slots: my 965P-DS3 still has some crud left on it!


Feb 17, 2005
Just thought I'd post a link to this post I had here on an similar X48 motherboard review:

The relevance, is that there was difficulty in performing the OC and the price was very high, despite stock stability and performance. Both could be classified under the above statement, but one is an "Epic Fail" and the other is a "Gold". When both are so close, why such a huge swing in the awarded results?