Gigabyte X470 Auros Ultra Gaming, USB 2.0 ports don't initialize.


Supreme [H]ardness
May 28, 2009
The USB 2.0 ports on this board work but they don't 'initialize' the device that's being plugged in. Like when you plug in a USB thumb drive it doesn't pop up on the windows 10 screen with the usual options. It also doesn't show up when going to eject. It does show up under 'this pc' and that's the only way to eject. I noticed this on the Gigabyte X370 boards I've had also. anybody else notice this ?
I have a similar issue, with a warm boot the USB 2.0 ports seem to be unavailable. A power off and reboot will always initialize the USB 2.0. I do not have this same issue with the USB 3.0 ports.
I was about to post a question concerning the X470 and its USB ports (as I'm having similar issues mothman with my X370. Gigabyte too). I know folks have said to load the windows 7 USB drivers or increase the SOC (sp?) voltage. I was also thinking it was just a Gigabyte issue. I mean the only other solution I could think of is to get a PCI-E USB card.