Gigabyte Unveils New Accessories at Computex


Just Plain Mean
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May 18, 1997
We are looking forward to getting to spend time with Gigabyte's new AORUS GOLD PSU assuredly that will be offered up in 750W and 850W capacities. Gigabyte is also looking extended its AORUS branding to headsets, mice, and cases as well.

Slides on the news page.
Thanks but I will stick with Seasonic and Thermaltake. I have had no issues with either of those. :)
Is everyone getting into the accessories buisness now lol? That market is going to be so over saturated.

Actually, looks like everybody is trying to get vendor lock in with their proprietary RGB lighting solution. Gigabyte Aorus, Asus Aura Sync, Corsair iCUE, MSI Mystic Light, Razer Chroma...etc.

Sucks because it means instead of buying what actually performs best, people are just going to buy what look and lights up nice with all their other glowy LED crap. (/*puke*/)
With the cheap shit PSUs we used to buy in the 90s, I am surprised I ever had a system that worked for more than a week.