GIGABYTE Shows Off New B450 Motherboards & 850W PSU


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May 18, 1997
GIGABYTE is breaking its silence on its upcoming line of B450 chipset motherboards for AMD's new Ryzen CPUs. We have the press deck below that outlines the features that these new motherboards will have. Also, GIGABYTE is introduction a new naming scheme when it comes to its motherboard line-up, so that is likely worth taking a look at too.

All the slides.

We have been expecting GIGABYTE to announce this for a while, but it is now introducing its first PSU, and this one comes in at a healthy 850 watts. Yes, we have already have asked for a sample of the AORUS P850W 80+ GOLD Modular on our test bench.
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So according to Gigabyte's website, the Aorus M, which in the slides includes "Gigabyte Gaming LAN" and "8-channel HD audio" are just using Realtek LAN and ALC 892 audio. Looks like the Aorus Pro will be the one for me to watch.
I almost went with Gigabyte for a full AORUS Threadripper based build...but after reading some reviews of the AORUS motherboards, I decided to change to an ASUS/ROG build (and moved to Ryzen instead of TR). If Gigabyte improves the quality of their AMD motherboards, I might consider them next time.
Actually, the first Gigabyte power supply was the Gigabyte Odin GT which was awesome because it gave all sorts of sensors and controls via USB; I wish they still made them.