Gigabyte GTX 780 Ti $599.99

circuit city, be careful, it might be taxed. would the powercolor 290x be better value right now for 580?
Hmm, you might be right. Even at $640 this would be a good deal, just not a "hot" deal.
Technically its Systemax Inc.

I totally did not know that :eek: I do know that Systemax machines were the absolute god-awful worst pieces of out-right junk I ever saw when I worked at CompUSA. Never have I tried so hard to make people not buy a certain type of machine, knowing I would just see it returned and/or broken within days/weeks.
I remember when you used to have to drive someplace on a Sunday to get a [H]ot Deal :)
These are the reference version, they should all be the same across brands. Only difference would be warranty and customer support.
There's a guy on Craigslist Chicago selling 2 for $700 or 1 for $350, in box.
Slightly used.

ps: It's not me
My bad, guys. They're not Ti editions.:eek:
Still a good deal though.

Cat1yst, look under Northwest suburbs tab, It say's NVIDEA Geforce GTX 780GPUs