Gigabit Ethernet USB 3.0 adapter - $18 @ Newegg


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Apr 5, 2001

It's a Thursday Shellshocker, price won't change until 4pm EST.

These things were hard to find a couple months ago, every random cable reseller seems to have one now tho they're usually closer to $30 from what I've seen. The Startech one looks identical but the user reviews have more technical details about it if anyone's interested. Edit: Guess I was a bit off on the pricing, Startech one has never dropped from $30 but this one was actually $20 for a solid month according to Camelegg, still, decent deal nonetheless if you need one.

Should be handy for anyone with an ultrabook that lacks Ethernet ports IMO (most of them), ASUS actually ships a similar adapter with theirs but it's only 10/100 & USB 2.0, yuck.
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