Getting old and starting to dislike video games? Maybe it's not you.

Discussion in 'PC Gaming & Hardware' started by butterfliesrpretty, Apr 21, 2017 at 12:16 AM.

  1. butterfliesrpretty

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    Mar 15, 2002
    I was thinking the other day. I'm getting older(not that old 34) video games aren't apealling to me like they used to. I started to really contemplate why this was. At first I just figured I was getting older and this is just the way things go.

    Then I thought about the games I wanted to play and realized they don't exist. All I can play is games that have the same depth as games from the 90's with prettier graphics and achievements. Not only that most have a cartoon art style which I hate. Not to mention hackers in multiplayer games (that's for another discussion).

    What I want to play is a game with real depth and competition. I want to play a game where I can take over an area and control it in a persistent online experience (that doesn't reset every month) without being pay to win. I want to be able to take other players stuff (whether it be an rts, or fps, or rpg). I want to be able to not worry about cheaters. I want to play an online racing game where I can challenge people for pink slips and be able to upgrade the cars. I want to not have to deal with cartoon graphics. I want real ai that actually changes from game to game.

    I finally figured it out, it's not that I'm getting old. It's that there really are no games that are catering towards me. I'm playing the same shit over and over. Not only that but I would argue many games of today can't match the games of the late 90's early 2000's(Baldur's Gate, Ultima Online, Quake 2/world plus mods, etc). Almost every game developer is going for easy money.

    There's a clear void for adult pc gamers that needs to be filled.
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  2. Airbrushkid

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    Aug 27, 2007
    I'm 57 and still play PC games everyday.
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  3. sirmonkey1985

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    Sep 13, 2008
    lol i know how you feel, the games i enjoyed as a kid i just can't play anymore. but at the same time i've always been an RTS fan and even more so now since i've lost all interest in FPS games since it's all reaction based and less strategy/skill based these days. but good RTS games just doing really exist anymore outside of the shitty starcraft arcade crap. as far as comparing past games to current games i dunno it's hard to say that those were better than current games now. it's like trying to compare current basketball players to the legends of the sport from the 1970's, totally different era and totally different style of playing/rule set. in the same sense gaming has changed from the 90's to now, in the 90's game play meant everything because the graphics were lets put it frankly complete garbage compared to what we have now. so now developers have to balance the two especially with the younger generation where visuals and fluidity of the game are just as important as game play. as far as comparing current games to the ones you mentioned i can't since i never played any of those nor had any interest in them, during that time period i was play total annihilation(best RTS game to ever exist), motocross madness 1 and 2, 4x4 evolution, team fortress classic, and counterstrike.

    but based on what you've said you like to play, i think eve online would be right up your ally, sure it's a royal pain in the ass to get into and it's time consuming as hell but the satisfaction of destroying shit people spent time to earn/produce is so satisfying.

    lol i use to play RTCW: enemy territories with a bunch of retired guys that were part of ofc(old fart clan) and one of them was 89 years old. the guy was hilarious as hell, i wonder how many kids in that game would of rage quit if they knew they were losing to some one old enough to be their great grandfather. most of us eventually moved onto enemy territories: quake wars but when the developers threw in the towel on that game after only a few months i lost track of most of them.
  4. butterfliesrpretty

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    Mar 15, 2002
    I hear you on eve, it seems like something I would like. I just am not big on that style of combat. I also forgot to mention a lot of rts's. One I wished got more notice was one called machines, where you could take control of unit and play it like an fps. Way ahead of its time.

    I think my main complaint is how carebear and shallow everything feels. I thought games would have come a lot further by now.
  5. Nanogrip

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    Dec 4, 2016
    Yep, definitely man. Games nowadays aren't like what they used to be. Challenging, no regenerative health, none of that PC or SJW or taintness from feminism. Mass market games now are for kids and aims for political correctness.

    Games that I played for the past 6 months are just a few, Crysis 1 with user missions and maps, ARMA 3 with user-made single player missions, and I guess that's about it.

    I remember UT99 online and it was hella fun, Assault maps were one of my favorites, I'd sit down and have my Johnny Walker Black Label and just have an all night session. Good days.
  6. chenw

    chenw 2[H]4U

    Oct 26, 2014
    I believe it's the hype around certain games, then realise it has got that "same shit, different name" feel to it.

    Biggest example being that I recently had moved from D3:ROS to PoE, mainly as an exploration mission to see why people like PoE over D3, but my subjective conclusion is actually pretty grim: it's because it's not D3.

    People have argued how D3 is so far from D2 and PoE is the only worthy successor, I see that PoE is just as far away from D2 as it is D3. In fact, a LOT of the aspects of PoE is actually very similar (albeit a better implemented system) to that of D3. Only the details were different.

    I am not saying PoE is a bad game, far from it, I enjoyed every minute of it, right up to until around the maps, which turned me off in some ways.

    This is one of the scenarios that puts me off online gaming somewhat, player generated hype that basically stems from hatred of another game more than love for this one. This is one of the few reasons I now don't do online games as much, there is far too much bad blood in the players, especially splinter group players who are more than happy to hurl abuse at another just because they mentioned they like it.

    I also am not a fan of games where I have to literally spend time to figure out how to walk before actually walking. A basic tutorial with the games most important and basic functions would suffice for me, but leaving me completely in the dark and having to figure even the most basic things in game is a complete no-go for me. Also not a fan of hugely difficult games. When I play games, I like the feel of continual progress, I don't like being stuck behind a wall because the boss is too unforgiving or whatever. If the bosses are optional, fine, compulsary? Nope.

    I am definitely getting that "complain there is nothing to play when there is a wall of games" vibe lately, but I don't know if that's just me getting old, tired of gaming in general or something else.
  7. Kinsaras

    Kinsaras 2[H]4U

    Dec 8, 2009
    My wife and kids come ahead of my gaming sure. Other than that they’ll have to pry my games out of my cold dead hands.

    If you’re looking for challenge stop playing games on normal. Normal is the mode for people who don’t even want to bother opening up the option menu. In most cases anyways.

    Also looking something deeper stop looking at the AAA games marketed to death like Call of Duty. Darkest Dungeon is a very challenging yet rewarding RPG. Dark Souls series if you want something faster pace and better graphics. Bayonetta is a very difficult but fair game just released on Steam.
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  8. jbonez21

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    Dec 11, 2012
    There are plenty of games out there that have what you are looking for. Being able to control an area and take other players stuff is currently core gameplay in most survival games - Empyrion, Rust, 7 Days to Die, Starbound, H1Z1 Just Survive, etc. There are tons of survival games on the market now that

    I'm the same age as you and have been gaming since I was born lol, I have also had lulls in my gaming where I didn't have desire to play but it was mostly because I didn't have my "next game". Currently I'm overwhelmed with games to play with ESO, Rocket League, Player Unknown's Battleground, 7 Days to Die, Empyrion, etc...Too many games not enough time!!
  9. Dahkoht

    Dahkoht Limp Gawd

    Jan 2, 2014
    I would suggest looking at Camelot Unchained. Still a ways off from release but it's close to moving from alpha to beta.

    Old school actual server communities with no cross server crap so you get to see the same enemies , choices that "matter" in stats and characters , can only choose one of three realms on a server ( no having on multiple sides and so on).

    No "phasing" or instanced crap where you are separated from other players either.

    Forgot to add my favorite , zero F2P and requires sub also , no cash shop crap , and anyone playing had bought it and paying monthly.
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  10. LordVampyre

    LordVampyre [H]ard|Gawd

    Apr 1, 2004
    Well, Im 65 and still play daily. But Im finding that games I use to play all day I can only play them for a few minutes. Things like Doom/Quake/Serious Sam .
    Really want to try out the new Quake thats coming out but my hands are just too old. Sucks getting old.
  11. Comixbooks

    Comixbooks Ignore Me

    Jun 7, 2008
    a. Monitor size can affect how much focus you put into a game that is why I use a 24" which was top of the line back in 2011 anway.
    Monitors just kept getting bigger and bigger to the point where it doesn't scale well for all games especially top down RPG games on Ultrawides.

    b. Don't Play game everyday that just ruins your natural human curiosity just settle for the weekends. Unless you don't have a job even then that isn't much of a life.

    c. Get a Bigger Computer Desk I use a drawing table that is adjustable it's like 40" Deep

    d. Don't settle for Keyboard and Mouse all the time use a X-BOX elite controller and have some fun that way.

    e. Don't put your Ultrawide directly in front of you put it on the corner of your desk.

    f. Buy a stragety guide

    g. Take up RPG games instead

    h. Play Pokemon GO if you want physical fun

    i. Take supplements then polish it off by drinking a Coke and chinese food.

    j. Get a Accell cable for your gaming monitor which will produce a better single comparable to a CRT monitor.

    k. Start playing Top Down action RPG games instead of first person shooters and Open world games that are too open.
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  12. Comixbooks

    Comixbooks Ignore Me

    Jun 7, 2008
    If you haven't played a quality RPG game in a while could be the reason you are burned from gaming also keep a post-it note on what games you want to play on the weekend. Or keep a favorites list on Steam and polish those games off as you please.

    The last best game I played was Destiny actually but stopped playing that cause none of my progress will save once you stop paying for PS+
  13. butterfliesrpretty

    butterfliesrpretty 2[H]4U

    Mar 15, 2002
    Rust and the like initially appealed to me, but they have gone too far the other way. No structure, so I can't force laws and tariffs on other players, and stupid server resets. Also I like magic or big futuristic guns. Too many survival games have just done the same thing.
  14. Comixbooks

    Comixbooks Ignore Me

    Jun 7, 2008
    Nothing like being put in a vague wasteland with nowhere to go so you are LOST basically. It's real easy to get LOST in life and if you get LOST in a videogame God Help You.
    Cause it's just a sandbox game with sand in the eyes. While looking for content unless you are playing Mad MAX that is a good game.
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  15. F.E.A.R.

    F.E.A.R. [H]ard|Gawd

    Sep 30, 2005
    I too am a bit frustrated with the games coming out lately (yes I am looking at you BF1). The last game I really enjoyed playing was Bad Company 2. I recently reinstalled and have been playing. Population is slowly coming back to it, but yes I have been underwhelmed with games and have not been playing as much.
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  16. twonunpackmule

    twonunpackmule Gawd

    Sep 27, 2005
    I'm only 32. So, the idea of getting old and not liking games is probably amusing to some of you folks here. However, I say I started developing my curmudgeon status around college. I found myself more and more not liking the changes to gaming as a whole. A series that I really liked (Final Fantasy) kept getting worse, and worse.

    Now, Half Life 2 re-lit the fires and occasionally I'll find a game that sparks my interest. It's just getting harder these days. Not that I don't try. I have 1073 games on Steam. :/
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  17. M76

    M76 2[H]4U

    Jun 12, 2012
    Well I do wish there were some decent RTS games around.
  18. Toepunch

    Toepunch [H]Lite

    May 16, 2012
    I have started to play Command and Conquer 3 with the 10yr daughter.
  19. Krenum

    Krenum [H]ardForum Junkie

    Apr 29, 2005
    I'll be 35 in June. I miss the car combat genre. The recent Twisted Metal on PS3 sucked.
  20. Domingo

    Domingo [H]ardForum Junkie

    Jul 30, 2004
    I'm 40 and I play more games now that I did when I was younger. In my teens I put more time in, but it was with a select few games. These days I play a ton of different games.
    As far as how genres and tastes have changed, I think the styles of games I usually like have gotten better. Street Fighter 4 and 5 have been great. Mario Kart 8 is chaotic, but it's still a better game than 64 was. The Witcher 3 is just as compelling as Baldur's Gate was. Uncharted beats the pants off of the run/jump/shoot games of my youth.
    Shooters are the main genre where gameplay has regressed. IMO, Far Cry is probably the last seriously innovative shooter. That's kinda sad considering it's also the most popular genre.
  21. Aix.

    Aix. [H]ard|Gawd

    Sep 30, 2010
    That's because shooters became the new Madden-like, annually-refreshed, quarterly-DLC'd console cash cows, and (in the words of Bobby Kotick) the "packaged goods folks" ensured that it all spilled over into PC gaming as well. Activision set the trend and EA basically straight copied their business model, although at least they had the decency to develop an incredible engine for the BF series while MW looked the same every year.

    The unfortunate thing isn't that there are no innovative new shooters, it's that it's so difficult to develop a player base for a new IP. Anything the above publishers touch is likely to get the CoD/BF treatment (I mean, they turned Plants vs Zombies into a shooter...), so independent studios try to launch their own IPs (Natural Selection 2, Arma3, Toxikk, etc.) and have struggled for the most part. Overwatch, like all Blizzard games, came with a huge player base baked in and it just can't be stated how valuable that is. I'm sure a Team Fortress 3 would see a similar success if Valve decided to actually make games again.

    Personally I can't get excited about single player shooters (AI enemies don't interest me), but I'd imagine there's only so much you can do to keep them fresh.
  22. Cally

    Cally Limp Gawd

    Jan 27, 2005
    I am 72 and have been playing games since I bought my Apple 2 in 1986. I love games but age takes it out of you. I no longer play online games as they just take too long to accomplish a goal. The last year I played online I felt like I was more a hostage than a participant. I avoid jumping games as I no longer have the reflexes for them. I found a number of games I had on GOG that I had forgotten about and am now starting to replay. I always enjoyed the RPG type games but now really enjoy stealth games like Dishonored 1&2. In the last few days I am starting to play Deus Ex.
    I usually play some each day, sometimes for several hours. Other days I can't sit at the computer. As much as I like the great graphics of today's games, how they play out is pretty much the same.
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  23. HeavensCloud

    HeavensCloud Oswego, not shitty as Buffalo

    Feb 7, 2008
    I'm 32. I still enjoy to play very much, but I find myself getting bored of the grind much quicker. Back in the day I would run Andy - tower - Meph in Diablo II all day and all night and not get bored. Can't do that so much anymore.
  24. PeaKr

    PeaKr Limp Gawd

    Sep 6, 2004
    I'm still waiting for the next level, a webVR, Brainstorm/Johnny Mnemonic style, an always evolving 3d world constructed online with every game/happenstance imaginable, integrated into an online mega verse. Meet up with your fellow avatars in a virtual coffee shop, strategize a plan to conquer a kingdom/space station, take control of a dragon and terrorize a virtual countryside for a time. It will be unlimited. Forget about drugs. People will plugin for their entire lives. All of the world and any experience you can dream up will eventually be mirrored in this simulated universe. Corporations will try and create mega attractions full of every color and bauble, but I think the real magic will come from ordinary people who aren't limited by control and influence systems.
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  25. brennok

    brennok [H]ard|Gawd

    Nov 30, 2006
    As I get older, the less patience and time I have for things I don't really enjoy. Gaming is one of those things that have faded in the background for me.

    There are just too many trends in the gaming world that turn me off. I still have plenty of time to invest and more money than ever. None of it goes to gaming anymore. I don't remember the last game I actually bought.
  26. Archaea

    Archaea [H]ardness Supreme

    Oct 19, 2004
    I'm an avid pc gamer since the late 80s, and am 37 years old.

    Try wolfenstein new order
    Try witcher 3
    Try shadow of mordor

    Those three games are the best I've played in the last couple years. They each break or perfect a mold.

    PS I LOVE Path of Exile. It might be my favorite game ever. But i see you didn't enjoy it as much as I have.
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  27. That_Sound_Guy

    That_Sound_Guy [H]ard|Gawd

    Apr 29, 2002
    Very much this. I'll be 35 this year as well, twisted metal 2 and black took a considerable amount of my gaming life (happily) with friends. I would technically even through Mario Kart SNES and N64 in there.

    I don't own a single console anymore and my PC gaming has severely declined because of lacked interest in what is out to play. The last great game I played was Ori and the Blind Forest.
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  28. Chapeau

    Chapeau Limp Gawd

    Jul 17, 2016
    I guess it's hard to beat that first moment of "discovery" you have as a kid. Honestly, the cognitive changes you experience when you get into your 30's probably also makes a difference.
  29. Decko87

    Decko87 [H]ard|Gawd

    Sep 23, 2007
    I just got into path of exile a few months ago, probably the closest thing to Diablo 2 available today. Diablo 3 I hadn't played in years, and it's actually surprisingly fast and fun these days. The challenge at the upper end of greater rifts is pretty cool as well, especially if you play hardcore. Rocket League is one of my favorites, and it's a game which absolutely has no skill ceiling. StarCraft Remastered is on the way, age of empires 2 HD is worth a purchase as well.

    For me I can't get into the fetch quest games any more. I tried to play Arkham Knight a few weeks ago and got bored. Tried Mad Max months ago and found it tedious and dull. I think Skyrim is dreadful (main story, combat, item system, magic, dumbed down game play, poor engine, no jump or levitation skills, mostly dull fetch / kill quests). The only game of that variety I really enjoyed recently was Witcher 3 because it is fantastic.

    Platformers, look no further then Ray Man Legends or any of the new Mario titles.

    The only shooter I've enjoyed in years is the new DOOM. I think shooters are in a bad spot right now with the COD/Halo/Battlefield obsession. They used to be amazing with games like quake and doom.

    I'm thinking I'll enjoy Breath of the Wild once I can solidly emulate it and have it run stable.

    P.S. Pac-Man DX is the shit, so much fun to pass a controller around and play. My brother and I still play this on the weekends together occasionally.
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  30. Chas

    Chas [H]ardness Supreme

    Oct 31, 2005
    I still play. Just not as much or as often.

    Also, I don't FPS anymore. I was no great shakes at it even in my relative youth. I'm totally out of practice and simply don't have the time to invest to GET good.
    I was doing casual MMO with City of Heroes until 2012.
    I still have subs in Champions Online and DCUO. However, they both suffer by comparison in terms of content, gameplay and flexibility.
    Also, the "rent to pwn" aspect that was pretty much ABSENT from CoH is out in force in pretty much EVERY other MMO and I LOATHE it.

    So I still socialize with former CoH players in Paragon Chat (at least I get to tool around the City). And I play a few games on Steam.
    It DOES help that I have a Batman pinball machine (the Tim Burton/Michael Keaton/Jack Nicholson one) to divert myself with.
    Plus, my job is FAR more demanding of my time than it was even 10 years ago. And I have obligations to one of my side projects that simply didn't exist 10 years ago.

    Getting old and having to be an adult-ish person sucks ass man...
  31. polydiol

    polydiol [H]ard|Gawd

    Feb 3, 2004
    I don't think there's such a thing as "getting old" I acknowledge that people age but I find it disrespectful to refer to people as old, we all change and so do our preferences, I think if you enjoy pc gaming its important to try different games outside of your comfort level because its easy to play the same type of game incessantly and burn yourself out as there's nothing new and interesting.

    Something else that helps out quite a bit is to have a friend that you can talk to and play games with so you're not sitting in front of a single player game all the time.

    A very large part of pc gaming is hardware - I've noticed though my own experience that lack of hardware upgrades tends to make the whole hobby stagnant. I just upgraded my system after 5 years and I'm currently planning a watercooling setup but I'm noticing how much enjoyment I've missed by just playing video games.

    (naturally if you're like me and had to divert money to something important like paying off your car then by all means, pay that off first but if you can sneak in a video card or ssd upgrade then by all means - DO IT)
  32. Lmah2x

    Lmah2x Limp Gawd

    Apr 3, 2014
    I'm 33 and been playing games since the late 80s. I went through a period of time where I felt like I was done gaming (about 3 years ago). Then I played Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition and it pretty much pulled me back into games. It actually made me want to finish The Witcher 2 as well, I initially quit it on launch year because I was playing BFBC2, then moved on to Skyrim. Beat Witcher 2, got psyched about Witcher 3 and played that for 800 hours. Then I also play the Souls series. Throw in some GTA:Online for good measure (since it covers most multiplayer, shooting/racing cravings). I also play Rust occasionaly, I just play after a wipe here and there, then take a break from it. I do play the occasional Strategy game too and I go back to Kerbal Space Program time to time. Games I'm looking forward to is Cyberpunk 2077 and Kingdom Come: Deliverance.
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  33. Superfly3176

    Superfly3176 [H]ardness Supreme

    Feb 17, 2005
    I hardly play anymore myself I'm 29 and had a real good time playing League of Legends for awhile. Then it just got old.

    All while spamming Frozen Orb for days.
  34. Decko87

    Decko87 [H]ard|Gawd

    Sep 23, 2007
    I just got bored with diablo 3 and shut it off, I hadn't played in at least a year. Adventure mode is good, but once you get around 500-600 paragon levels, some decently rolled ancient legendary items, and can run level 65 GR it gets to be a grind fest for perfectly rolled stats to get any higher. I'm surprised it turned into an a pretty decent game however, the original launch was horrible, and they didn't deserve the praise they got from reviewers. To me, adventure mode is a tactic admission that their original quest line was horrible. No one wanted to run through that awful story 3 times, the environments got bland through Act 2 pretty quickly. It was evident that Act 1 had the most unique content of the game, and everything else was just some nice artwork and grinding until the end. Act 2 had some quality in it, but ACT III and IV really took a nose dive, especially IV, there's nothing to it at all. Having Diablo talk was the biggest mistake they ever made "HA HA HA, YOU'LL NEVER DEFEAT ME NEPHALEM!" I forgive them for trashing the story because adventure mode is pretty solid, but what a bungled launch.
  35. NukeDukem

    NukeDukem [H]ard|Gawd

    Feb 15, 2011
    33 and still going strong! I'm just as addicted to PC gaming now as I became the day I first played Doom 2 in the summer of 1994. Only difference is now I can afford the system and play games I could only dream about back then.
  36. ssnyder28

    ssnyder28 2[H]4U

    May 9, 2012
    I'm 35 and kind of feel the same way. I mainly play dota 2 and actually watch it more than i play it now (mainly pro games and twitch streamers) I actually enjoy it so much that most of my time i used to spend watching sports is now focused on watching esports. I have bought a lot of games in the past two years but probably only spent more than 15-20 hours on Dota 2, rocket league, and counter strike go in that time. Although more recently I've played a bit of the new Doom game as its a pretty good online FPS.

    But overall i don't as immersed in the gameplay and i know part of it is me but the quality of the games isn't nearly as good just the graphics are better. So many of these games feel utterly rushed and it shows. Theres just so much quantity on multiple platforms and so little quality these days.
  37. Spidey329

    Spidey329 [H]ardness Supreme

    Dec 15, 2003
    I feel the same, sorta. Years ago, I used to play a ton - hours per day. Now I find myself playing an hour or two a week.

    I think a lot has to do with the fact that I don't own any modern consoles (I have an x360) and my PC doubles as my work desk. So when I'm at the desk, I associate it with the drudge of working and thinking about playing a game makes me want to go elsewhere with my time.

    Eventually I'd like to separate the two again and see if I start playing more.

    On top of that, any potentially competitive game is usually driven by unlocks and achievements. So with my limited playing time, I'm usually liquidated in quick order playing against guys who log 4hrs a day like I used to.
  38. BiH115

    BiH115 [H]ardness Supreme

    May 12, 2011
    Throw in Ninja Gaiden, and you've got a rage fest.

    As I'm starting to leave my 20's behind, I'm finding that it really takes something "different" to hold my attention. Or at least something that I used to play, that now does shit differently (or at least differently enough). FFXV is different from the other Final Fantasies I played as a kid, so it holds my attention. The Persona series is constantly awesome, and the story (as odd as it is) just keeps me engaged. Horizon Zero Dawn on the hardest difficulty keeps me pegged to the screen. Witcher 3 is just freaking awesome in both its expansive world and lore.

    Not a lot of games do that nowadays, and I'm thankful some games are just high quality pieces of art that keep me in the video game sphere. I really don't want to get to the point where I'm making excuses to not play a game (if it comes to that, I'm out for good). For now, games keep me entertained, but it's just a select few.
  39. Rachel

    Rachel n00bie

    I think, if a person likes the computer games, he/she will always like it, especially taking into account the development of this industry. The games have become more and more interesting!
  40. madFive

    madFive metal[H]ead

    Mar 26, 2008
    I'm older than op and gaming more than ever lately! Love all the open world exploration, beautiful graphics, interesting story driven gameplay, and polished action mechanics. Modern games just keep getting better and better if you know what genres to look into.

    From what I can tell, OP is just looking for a genre of game that most adults don't want. I get enough competition and challenge in my professional life. I don't care about topping any online leader boards or the ability to permanently greif and troll online players. Just want to kick back and enjoy the escaped adventure.