Getting Cable on PC and through TV from one HD terminal


Jan 27, 2004
Hello, have a question,

I just bought a new PC that has a TV tuner card in it. What I want to do is, get TV from my HDTV terminal so I can play it in Media Centre and record Shows and what not. I also still want to have my HD terminal hooked up to my HDTV.

How would I do this? would I just need to split the cable? or can I just plug a HD component cable or HDMI cable into my tv tuner card from the Terminal?

Im using a Rogers HDtv Terminal if that helps. this is it
You won't be able to get HDTV on your PC unless you have an HD tuner in your PC and the HD cable your provider sends you is unencrypted. If you want just standard def on your PC, just run Svideo or Composite out of the cable box and into your PC's tuner card. We really need more info and what type tuner and pc you have.
It looks like that computer has the ViXS PureTV-U tuner in it, which supports ATSC/NTSC over the air HD broadcasts. You could hook an antenna up to it to get some high def channels depending on your area. I don't know what other inputs that tuner has because I can't find pictures of it anywhere. You won't be getting high def from your cable box to the PC unless you can get the firewire drivers to work. I had that same cable box and tried forever, but it would not work properly. Good luck.
ah arlight. the PC did come with an antenna but I didnt set it up, Ill do that now.

well, just having an Svideo cable hooked up only displays of what I have on my TV. it doesnt have a guide and all that jazz. I guess I have to hooked it up directly to my PC