getting a feel for selling my iBook


Jan 18, 2001
hey guys...I might be taking some of my holiday pay and putting it to a new G4 iBook and was wondering what the interest for my current one is is in great shape...has normal wear and tear on the case (i.e. little scratches from going into and out of my bag), minor rubs on the case internaly (again normal wear and tear) and one of the "wings" on the power adpater is loose...other than that it is perfect and never caused me any problems and I have all the original accessories and cables and would even throw in Panther too :D . I did get AppleCare on it and there is just under 2 years left there that would be transfered...I am thinking of asking $750-800 shipped
Man, I wish I never sold my iBook.

You'll like the G4 iBook. 12" I assume?
well you can buy mine :D and I don't know if I will get the 12 or 14...I have seen both and the price difference is not that much (with employee discount) so I don't know...I would probably go with the 14 because then I hve the option for either the 933 or 1 Gig instead of just 800Mhz...I might also look at the powerbook but I don't think we have the one I want just yet in the employee store
I'm writing this on my 14" iBook, and I have to say that it is one of the best computers I have ever used. I like the keyboard and trackpad. I found a nice little program called sidetrack that lets you setup part of the trackpad to scroll the screen. The combo drive burns great and plays DVD's no problem. The slot load drive is nice, if a trifle loud at high speed. Battery life has been about as advertised, although I have never tried to max it out. I also got the 60GB drive and upped the memory to 640MB. All in all, I think it compares nicely with my 17"iMac at home. The iMac is slower, but has more memory ans I appreciate the larger screen. Ijust couldn't afford the 17" powerbook, and I'm not sure I'd like draging that monster around. Still, my home machines are spoiling me, my G4-400 at work is starting to seem like a dog. ;-)