Get Grim Fandango Remastered Free in GOG’s Winter Sale

Has anyone managed to get it for free yet? So far I am not able to get it for free.
When clicking the button to "Get it Here" it takes you to a list of their games. Does not appear to have a working way to actually get the free copy.
I opened up GOG Galaxy app...and there was a banner "Get Grim Fandango for Free"

Click it...

Grim Fandango will appear in your account soon.
Got it thanks! I'm getting a lot of free games for Christmas...but free is free.
I got an email saying that the game was added to my account about 15 mins after it said that it would be added soon.

Great game. I bought the original back when I was in elementary school rocking a Pentium 2 @300 mhz I even had to install a patch because my CPU was to fast and was messing some stuff up with the animations. Good times.

I now own the game on mobile, ps4 and pc (twice).
I played this for a while - it is a pretty cool game. I should go back and try to finish it someday. I need to try out Full Throttle after that.