George Lucas Is Reportedly Fixing Luke Skywalker for "Star Wars: Episode IX"


Jan 4, 2016
The POWER of Disney:
I believe the critics did change views because Fox changed ownership.
The show has not changed in any significant way thankfully ( i love it since first season).
Looking at the critics score for universe of clusterfuck that is SW under Disney is difficult not to believe Disney doesn't have them all paid off.


Nov 29, 2016
Way too much SJW and "inclusive progressive thinking" in the movies these days... I can stand "typical" drama per say but why should every movie have a teenager trying to figure out if he should be a he or a she ... (Exaggerating here but you get the point)
Please write a story and stick to it, stop trying to implement 2019 SJW side stories to check mark HR/Attorney/Marketing department requests.


Apr 23, 2012
This popped up in my YouTube recommendations:

Man there was a bunch of really bad shit I blocked out. It was even worse than I remembered.



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Oct 29, 2000
Great. Bring in the guy who must have had an unannounced stroke between the original three films and the disaster prequels to "fix things".

Don't get me wrong, the new films are far from perfect, but if they get the prequel treatment, it will be a disaster.


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Oct 19, 2004
The Luke story of The Last Jedi was horrible. How could you possibly rationalize that literally the only person in the galaxy who thought the second most evil person in the galaxy could be redeemed suddenly decided to kill his own nephew because he thought the nephew was going dark side? That doesn't make any sense at all. It's as far out of character as you could possibly get.

Snoke wasn't an issue except for how useless he ended up being. He was practically the only decent aspect of the bad guys and that was mostly because we didn't know much of anything. It was the mystery that was intriguing and that mystery was ignored and cut off for no purpose in The Last Jedi.

You've also touched on another part of The Last Jedi which is extremely weak. Nothing any of the main characters does actually accomplishes anything. The whole movie is a bunch of nothingness.

Simply put, the movie was horrible with no redeeming qualities. A while back I tried watching it again (first viewing was in the theater) on Netflix and couldn't even get through the idiot bomber battle at the beginning before giving up. I don't particularly care for The Phantom Menace (which was prior to this my most disliked Star Wars movie) but I can actually sit through the movie and watch it again. I cannot do that with The Last Jedi and that is one of the most damning things I can think of when it comes to a movie.

I swear the point of The Last Jedi was to see how badly they could screw everything up. How badly they could screw up space battles. How badly they could screw up the idea of ignoring logistical issues for storytelling and fun battles and such. How badly they could screw up every character, new and old, so they don't even resemble what we've already seen. The list just goes on.

The Last Jedi did absolutely nothing right and I have no faith at all that they can "fix" it with the next movie. The only way to "fix" The Last Jedi is to officially announce that it was a huge mistake, they're going to act as if it was never made and make a new movie which is an actual Episode 8.
Jan 14, 2012
I think Luke was actually on a bad Acid trip and teleported, naked, onboard the Falcon. Likely into it's refresher (shitter). Thus it only appeared as if he died at the end of TLJ. That's gonna scare the crap out of Rose Tiko when she heads over there to drop a duce, literally.


Aug 30, 2004
Didn't Lucas start the Star Wars f-up with crap like Jar Jar Binks? Or the numerous dumbarse edits he did to the originals to make them 'more fun'? Has Lucas learned his lesson? Or will Lucas lose his lunch like the loser we liken him to be? Loser Lucas? carried away...


Apr 2, 2003
How are they going to fix it? He died in TLJ unless it was just a dream that Rey was having. TLJ really screwed things up. The "good" guys and the villains were both extremely dumb in their decision making, shitty plot, shitty new characters such as Holdo and Rose, no character development for the characters from TFA, etc.... The more I think about the movie, the more I hate it. You go from an okay and mildly entertaining movie like TFA to a piece of garbage like TLJ.