General Problems


Sep 15, 2004
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A little while ago in my old system some things started to act up, mainly my Resouloution would take forever to change. At the time I thought it was just my windows install going slowly. A few days ago I got a upgrade, from my xp2700+ to a shinny A64 3200+ on a new mobo. I transfered my Ram, Hard Drives, And Videocard over to this system. After finding out that windows did NOT like the nVidia ATA driver thing, I got a good install going. Starting up one of my games, I instantly went to settings and changed the res. It took a good 20 seconds to change my freelancer res of 1024x768 to 1600x1200 (DESKTOP RES). Even Battlefield 1942 when starting and changing maps takes for ever because of this issue. I have tried the Omega drivers and the ATI drivers to no avail, maybe I am missing a tweak of some sort. Now it seems even if I am changing the res in windows it takes a long time, when I had no problems like this on my old old systems.
Another problem of mine is I cant get windowblinds to skin my taskbar for whatever reason. Just thought I would ask.

make sure that the chipset drivers for the motherboard are properly installed.
So it could be either or?
Bad copy of os or poorly installed chipset drivers...

I will try to stick the card into the old rig that it was in and see what it does. I need to get some new ram first, so that comp can become a server.
Just to clairify, which drivers to I delete to rid myself of the chipset drivers?
Ok, well, he has the same problem in the old rig so the likelihood of it being chipset drivers cant be good. Also, the problem hasn't always been there. I gotta say that it is most likely your video card has gone the way of the dodo. I mean, I would definitely update to latest bios, drivers, etc. Check to make sure your voltages are all good.

... then again it is reasonable to think that it could be your monitor, yeah? That might be more likely. Video cards dont seem to wear-out and poop out on you like old monitors will. How old and what make/model are your video card/monitor?
My monitor is very new, about 6 months old. And my secondary is about 1 year old, so I doubt it would be them, when this started happening the first time it seemed to be after I installed some updated drivers for the videocard now that I remember, and no matter what drivers I try now it comes up with the same problem of taking forever. Basicly when the resoulution changes, the monitor shuts off, (Goes to standby) Then turns back on after a bit. Voltages seem fine and it is a solid PSU (Tried 2) First Thermaltake420 and now a UltraX500. Same problems. Again I do not think it is the moniter, but then again it could be. (LG Flatron 19") Also I seem to get lag in games over sound too, but I think I know the problem over that, I had to remove the mounting bracket off my sb because of a shitty case design being too high, now I cannot find it to reinstall. So I had to settle for some tape and IDE cables to hold it tight in.
But on to the driver issues, it did seem to come from updating drivers. The problem has since stayed.
Bought the vid card this year too (even though I got ripped off and had to RMA it once because it died)