GeForce drivers, V-Sync, and Multiplane Overlay (MPO)


Fully [H]
Jan 28, 2014
Seeing the new drivers released today I came a couple of interesting KB from NVIDIA:

Apparently the latest version of DWM, in another misguided attempt to improve game performance, transitioned compositing from a single plane overlay to a multiplane one. What this means is that every application window runs independent of the Windows compositor and includes the ability to run with their own V-Sync settings. However, most games that I have seen disable the V-Sync options when running in a window, as the old model meant that it would use V-Sync regardless. This is interesting to me as I've seen quite a few posts about games tearing in a windowed or borderless fullscreen scenario and people not knowing why. In particular I've noticed a lot of posts complaining about tearing in the new Final Fantasy PC releases, which does not have an option to run in exclusive fullscreen despite the game options saying otherwise. It seems that this information should be more visible so users know why this is going on.

The second article intrigued me, as well, as I had been having stuttering issues in everything but Chrome. Particularly with the Xbox app and video apps like Prime Video. I am interested in seeing if the MPO is what is causing this issue by applying the registry modification. It seems counterintuitive to me that things such as Prime Video would end up working better inside of a web browser instead of its own dedicated app, but I am the blissfully ignorant type when it comes to new age programming paradigms.