Gearbox Borderlands 3 rumors

The first one was pretty cool, this is going to turn out to be another Just Cause2,3,4....too much of the same shit with nothing new.

Yeah the 1st game was the best some guy at Walmart got me hooked up on it from the lectronic Dept. when I picked up a PS3.
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Yeah the 1st game was the best some guy at Walmart got me hooked up on it from the lectronic Dept. when I picked up a PS3.

I find the first one the worst, shooting does not feel right, and mobs respawn way to fast imo, had to kill mobs 3-4 times in some area's b4 getting through, the others were much better in this regard.
Borderlands wasn't bad. It was pretty good but I preferred Borderlands 2 more. That's just me though. Hopefully #3 will be no worse than #2. Looking forward to the finished product.
They need to do something different this time around. If it's just the same gameplay and mechanics as 2 with new weapons/skins/areas, I'm not really that interested.

I was not impressed with TPS at all.
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Let them take their time and get it right IMO. I'm willing to wait. Too many shitty games in the gaming world right now if you ask me. Mainly because the devs didnt do it right or the publishers forcing the game out before its done.
Yeah I am tired of the AAA game companies putting out buggy and incomplete games at full price and waiting months or paying way more than the base price for a complete polished game. It is difficult to convince publishers to consider the player base over stockholder profit unfortunately.
Ive had a lot of fun with the series, despite its flaws, it is fun.
They should switch back to the more realistic graphics that they scrapped when going to the cartoon look.
so like rage or fallout 3

I prefer the cartoony look, the game should stay goofy at least visually. Also consistency, no point in changing it, plenty of unoriginal realistic-ish shooters out there. Not sure how they could improve or change it, maybe more variety in classes/talents, maybe each class could have more than one active skill for once.
Just about every game has a pseudo-realistic look. The cell-shaded cartoon look was part of what I liked about Borderlands.
I hope they implement the new stuff they demo'ed a while back, looks to be a big improvement... but I'm not holding my breath especially cuz it comes from that one dude and he clearly said "it might not happen for the actual game" - like that'll save him once the game is released and everyone freaks out on him :D
That is Maya from Borderlands 2. Pretty sure they've used a higher-res version of that shot for Borderlands 2 promotion. So a remaster of 2 or a Switch port?

Being that they said "another game" I'm inclined to agree that this isn't part of the BL3 tease. The game has already been "remastered" (Handsome Jack Collection). A switch port of BL2 (or Handsome Jack Collection) seems most likely.
Call me odd but I dont play games on a phone. I like big screens. lol
So they're releasing Borderlands Eternal for iOS and Android? Is this a joke?
How quickly everyone forgets the lies told about the abortion called ACM. Fuck pitchford.

edit: changed asshole sweeney to proper asshole pitchford.
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Wah! Something went south...

It’s Borderlands 3 we are talking about. If you like BL1 or BL2 then this ought to be good. If not, move on.

Gearbox will not screw up BL.

ACM was just a clustercuss all the way around from Gearbox to Sega to the outsourced studio... (can’t remember who...)

Borderlands 3 will be a good game if you’re into Borderlands. I’m calling it now. If I’m wrong I’ll be very surprised.

Let’s hold back the pitchforks and torches at least until we know...