Garbage treble regardless of speakers or soundbar


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Jan 8, 2001
I use to have a receiver with 5.1 Bose setup and in movies the explosions would be deafening but the talking would be indistinguishable.

I switched everything to using only a soundbar, LG sl10yg using HDMI (arc) from Samsung TV. This didn’t resolve anything.... it is basically the same.

It doesn’t matter if playing a physical disc such as dvd or blue ray or using a streaming service such as Netflix. Background sounds are loud and foreground (talking) sounds are soft. While watching movies it is literally having a remote in the hand to turn it up during talking scenes and turning down the volume during loud scenes. Obviously this doesn’t work well in scenes where they are talking with background noise taking place (people talking inside a helicopter scene).

The room the equipment is in is circular in shape where if you sit in the dead center all sounds, even in real life talking, sounds weird. Maybe the physical design of the room is the problem?

Any suggestions or recommendations?
Voice audio is carried over center channel. Things to check are downmix setting in tv, and the dynamic range setting in tv. Try various combos of those. Then you can also increase virtual center channel and use a lower overall volume to help if the first two changes do not get you exactly where you want to be.
Hrmmm I’ll double check the tv settings..... but wouldn’t tv settings not matter when I was using a receiver?

unfortunately most TVs do not pass raw audio through to a receiver unless explicitly told to do so. so you will have SEVERAL places to check and try multiple combinations of things, and still a possibility of just needing to adjust balance.

i used to make good money doing home theater and car audio installs and adjustments. i got super tired of going back to the same place several times because 'it didnt sound right' only to find they had 'made some adjustments'

good luck, getting a soundbar set up so it sounds good takes a little time, let alone a actual surround sound receiver install.