Gaming: The new standard, 1440 or still the old workhorse, 1080?


Nov 30, 2019
1440p was totally doable for me on a 55" .... I loved it for the 1.5 years I was @ 1440p with my 2080 Ti. And I was able to ultra / high settings on every game I played. I was never disappointed or could have asked for more.

Guessing on a smaller display like a 32" .... 1440p would be perfect.

If you're on a very tiny 24" or 27" .... honestly, stay at 1080p. At least I would.

To do 4K properly ... you need to spend the big money which is going to be out of reach for most. Properly? Yeah, 120hz which means a RTX 3090 and high-end parts to get there.

Guessing a 3070 will do 1440p perfectly. Or, a cheap 2080 ti for sure.

I am still seeing retarded prices for 2080 ti's where I live, $800 - $900. $750. Guys are hella salty still I guess.
Still takes a lot of cash to buy and run a 1440 panel vs 1080. However, even on a 24" in game you will get more detail since you have more pixels. For Windows, scaling can fix the tiny image. It's just that I'm on the market for a 32" and I want to keep it for the next 5 years. So it has to be 1440. I'll probably upgrade cards twice in those five years, but the panel stays. I use to buy--back when I was making a lot more money--high end everything, except CPUs. I'd OC those or just leave em. The GPU is where it's at, given no CPU bottle neck.

However, it always seemed like I'd buy the best GPU out and spend 500 bucks on it, or more, and by the time game developers started coding for all the stuff it could do, it was outdated. So now I'll buy 2nd tier, get almost the same performance, and have enough money to upgrade sooner. You really can't future proof a GPU like you can a CPU--given you are gaming and doing normal desktop work that isn't CPU intensive to a point you have to have the latest and greatest.

You know I have a 2013 Sony Laptop with an Intel Core i5-3230M Processor (2.6 GHz) and 6 GB DDR3 RAM . When I covert video from full HD down to 720 x 480, I don't notice a huge improvement in speed using my Ryzen 3600. I'm not shitting you. Maybe I'm just not stop watching it, but it isn't that much faster. So, like I said, CPUs, meh, as long as the GPU doesn't bottle neck.