Gaming/Office chair for frequent position changes?

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Feb 14, 2022
I am not asking for any medical advice, just advice and opinions about gaming or office chairs that can accomodate those with moderate back, neck, shoulder issues, and need to frequently change positions to reduce pain. For example, none of the chairs I've ever owned had movable (up/down) arms. If arms were too high (forcing my elbows to rest on chair arms), I eventually got shoulder pain and if arms were too low (forcing my elbows to just hang without touching chair arms), then I also got shoulder pain. I also couldn't hold my posture correctly for a long time and had to arch my back and frequently change positions, but chairs were only comfortable for a single position. I need something highly customizable for those who can't be comfortable in a single position and frequently change positions? Important aspects:
- Chair arms moving up and down
- Reclinable
- Accomodate proper posture and arched back flip-flopping


Feb 28, 2022
Got this one in store for about a year and a half ago for about $180 on sale - has served me well and is very comfortable.

I do move the arms up and down frequently. The back of the seat can recline or remain fixed, and can shift forward and back. Headrest moves up and down also.

Generally, IMHO office chairs seem to be the better long-term investment as opposed to g@m3r chairs.

Hope that helps and hope you can find something comfortable!


Oct 27, 2014
I'll throw this out there; have you ever spent an extended amount of time in a just plain high quality office chair?

I honestly ask this because I do have a lower ciadic nerve issue (pretty sure i hurt it golfing a few years ago), and on some furniture I can't do more then 30 minutes without feeling incredibly unfortable to the point of "i have to go walk this off"/my left leg going to sleep, but on nice and supportive furniture I can easily go hours and hours.

I recently went couch shopping (couldnt do more then 30 min into a movie without pain), and the year prior dress shoe shopping (for work, 15+ minutes of my feet and the nerve would act up) and it was the same thing.

I can tell you forget the "gamer brand" stuff.

Buy quality, supportive furniture/footwear. Yeah, it's costly, but you have to think of it like your mattress. How many hours of your day are you going to spend plumped down on this thing? It's worth the investment.

I personally have the "Ignition high back" style chair myself, and have had it for 4-5+ years at this point. I don't know how else to explain it but "memory foam for your butt and back". I can spend a day in this thing.


Nice thing about Hon is the customization, go to town.

Wish you luck in your search, and honestly don't be afraid to spend... you (probably) spend a lot of time in this thing, view it as an investment. Perspective on the purchase is important!

Edit: I have yet to find a mesh-back chair that is remotely supportive. I've written them off. I have one at work for my standing desk and just nope... steer clear imo.
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Feb 18, 2016
Steelcase Gesture.

Trying to find a seat cushion replacement for mine now. Going to ask Steelcase directly how much it would be unless I can find it at like an official store.